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    Filene's Basement final days-anybody get any killer bargains?

    Makes me wonder what they did with that room full of Oxxford and Brioni suits.
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    Filene's Basement final days-anybody get any killer bargains?

    Sadly,the original Filene's Basement in Downtown Crossing,Boston closed its doors earlier this month.I heard on the final day or 2 they had 95% off!! Anybody come up with any exceptional bargains??
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    Thrift/Secondhand in NYC question

    Mark,How much were the Oxxford suits?
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    NYC sandwich billboard suit salesman

    ....And if you ask real nice,they'll sell you a fake Rolex,too!
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    How hard to turn 2-button sport coat into 3 button?

    I have entertained this notion.However,it's not as easy as simply adding a buttonhole and a button.Keep one critical point in mind.The point on the lapel edge where the top button is curves outward ever so slightly,so you will not get a straight line due to the belly of the lapel.I think it...
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    What material is canvassing? Does it appear on label?

    Believe it or not,this was from a Savile Row bespoke suit! I have an Anderson & Sheppard suit that has a very stiff lapel,and I can feel the horsehair pushing up against it.
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    What material is canvassing? Does it appear on label?

    Occasionally,I have pulled these long,stiff straw-like strands which poked out of the lapel of a well made suit or sportcoat.Is this part of the canvas??
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    Just bought a bespoke Raphael (NYC) suit on Ebay!!

    All the accolades from Manton ring true! I just received it;stuffed into a cramped Priority Mail box and (rumples and all) it fit with a seldom experienced familiarity!! Comparing it to Kitons and Brionis,etc.the cloth and workmanship are absolutely stunning.The best thing is,I don't need to...
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    Hermes, Vineyard Vines

    I saw a bunch for of new VV ties which were selling for $12.00 apiece yesterday.There were some seasonal themes with Pumpkins,Turkeys,and yet there were a number of them featuring Mermaids and dolphins
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    How to get wax off?

    Paper towel or a Brown paper bag works well-the bag doesn't tear as easily as towelling-Good luck!
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    Cleverley shoes – an amazing true story

    Reweave that cashmere!! Well,Bobby- That is a shame indeed! I would look into reweaving.There must be a good reweaving company in the UK.
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    Without a Trace-Great reweavers!! I can attest to WaT.Having sent a couple of dozen garments over the years,their work is undetectable,their service rapid and their prices reasonable considering the intricate craft they perform. The only way you can tell they worked on an area is they baste a...
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    Dress Pants Becoming Shiny...

    I would surmize that "wet" denotes a glossy surfaced fabric,whereas "dry" indicates a matte,non-shiny finish.
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    Cleverley shoes – an amazing true story

    What a fantastic acquisition!! Leave it to Bobby to ferret out the great deals! Would you mind telling us what the shoe size is? Whatever you paid must have been a fraction of retail.I recall your Oxxford cashmere coat for $150. Super shopper!!
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    Five suits for you to comment on and compare (Photos attached!)

    Not bad,not bad at all.I would guess that the Savile Row suit is the 3rd or 4th.The least well fitting suit is number 2,which appears to bunch up around your waist(too snug?) and has far too long a sleeve.Otherwise,great collection! Thanks for taking the time and effort to post!
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    Metallic Stain--Please Help!

    Blot and feather with Goof Off spotter! Good luck!
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    Dress Pants Becoming Shiny...

    Another factor that contributes to shine is sitting on leather seats.Therefore,merely driving back and forth to work can add to the shine.The odds of removing shine ,however, are about as likely as growing hair on a bald palate.One may be able to minimalize,but not remove shine altogether.
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    Ah,great-the pictures cleared things up! While we're talking weave terminology,what is a "pick and pick"??
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    Is David Beckham a Savile Row man?

    I agree-SLeeves definitely too long.The peaked lapels look a bit dated,with the slightly lower notches and slight belly on the lapel.