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    Your most prized possessions?

    But if one has sufficient time and money to do so, OH so rewarding.
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    Cool '50s Illustrations from Ivy's Heyday

    I think the brunette could be arrested for her thoughts.
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    Brooks Brothers sport shirts

    I typically buy Regent in number-sized BB and (15 1/2 33) and Milano on Letter-sized (M) I would imagine size S would be more like 14 1/2 neck.
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    Your most prized possessions?

    My laptop. With order records in email. Good for insurance and to re-order everything that is re-order-able. SWMBO already thew out my favorite t-shirt (from the first century ride we rode together. -- actually 1st and 2nd centuries. Back to back.)
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    official Herring Shoes Official Thread

    I went with something a little different, too. And apparently got one of the last pairs:
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    Awful quiet!

    Indiana got hot in a big hurry, but remains stormy. There was a tree down on the neighbor's garage. Then there was a guy up there with a chain saw. I could imagine SO many ways to maim or kill oneself doing that. I'm sure it will not be quiet Thursday. And the dogs will not be happy about it.
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    If you could bring back one thing...

    My metabolism at age 20.
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    A Study in Style: Shinzo Abe

    My one regret related to my time in Japan is that I didn't get some suits made by a tailor -- fiancé of a friend. His family had been in the tailor business for generations. I'm sure he would have made me something amazing. My sense was that tailor shops were a lot more numerous in Japan than...
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    Herring Shoes sale alert

    well... couldn't resist these: Now, if SWMBO is in a less than wonderful mood when they arrive, who on this forum will offer me the use of a sofa for a few nights?
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    What Are You Wearing Today 2.0?

    Worth the wait.
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    Bernhard oxford cloth shirts

    Looking at the size chart, S is 37in chest. M is 41-42. No mention of neck size in the chart. Can you comment on fit? The rest of the measurements suggest a rather generous cut to me.
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    Navy bucks or walnut cap-toe balmoral oxfords with grey seersucker?

    Making me think WKRP 20181122_180215_e5a2d8ee8d067f5f19d242b089baa2ba290e363d.jpg
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    Items of 'classic' menswear you just don't like?

    At least some of my BB BF cuffs are 3". I just checked. And that's in size BB1.
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    Items of 'classic' menswear you just don't like?

    Agreed. I don't get bit loafers, either.
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    Items of 'classic' menswear you just don't like?

    That's funny, the one thing that I'm not wild about on my BB BF OCBDs is the very long cuffs.
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    Löf & Tung anyone?

    Billy Crystal's "Fernando" said "It is better to look good than to feel good." But I must say, the above example is proving to be among the most comfortable of all the footwear choices in my closet.
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    If you are willing to give gas another try, I love my Stihl FS130. The trick is to buy the very expensive pre-mixed gas. 95 octane. No alcohol. oil mixed in. Stabilizer also mixed in. They usually double your warranty if you buy a quantity at the same time as the equipment. The goat idea is a...
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    Löf & Tung anyone?

    These arrived a couple of days ago.
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    The World's Lightest Suit?

    I'm left wondering... If the goal is to design a lightweight suit to beat the summer heat, why go with a dark color?