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    the Pocket Square overkill thread

    I think I'm going to love this thread. Please keep em comin :D
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    Amazing non-Japanese shoes

    ^^^ Also agree. The patina is nice but I can't understand what the shoemaker was trying to do. Personally there are too many things going on with that shoe. Is that a monkstrap balmoral austerity brogue?
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    Items of 'classic' menswear you just don't like?

    Agreed. I was teased by a coworker recently while in DC, for wearing a less discreet pocket square for dinner. No flamboyant or wild colors, it just wasn't a presidential fold. I was surprised at how many compliments I received that night. He definitely ate his words.
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    A Study in Style: Shinzo Abe

    I agree. I've had quite a few interactions with well dressed Japanese men in their home country and abroad. Like you said, they pay attention to details and have a sense of style but they aren't flashy. There are many younger men who don't work in a corporate environment that dress absolutely...
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    Which tie with this shirt/jacket?

    I also vote for the first combo. The pink tie just doesn't work imo.
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    Seeking an image showing two suits, three shirts, four or five ties, that combine well

    Thank you Flanderian! Those are they most helpful images I have ever seen. Color, pattern and texture! I'm using the nice color printer at work to print and bind them. This is being discussed in another thread somewhere so I don't want to over do it but, I hate the color wheels that people...
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    Paul Stuart, I Knew You When . . .

    I don't think we need a handshake or any special identification. Just a knowing nod to other well dressed gentlemen. *Disclaimer* The vast majority of people on this site are likely better dressed than I am, but I try. Also.... When I get younger people who come and work for/with me, one of...
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    What Are You Wearing Today 2.0?

    Upr_crust, I love that suit and those shoes are beautiful. I think I need to get a pair like them.
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    Paul Stuart, I Knew You When . . .

    I feel like I'm in the same boat as many of you on this topic. I sincerely wish it were more acceptable to be better dressed than I usually am. I get tired of being asked why I'm so dressed up because I have on beat up chinos and a polo shirt. On the bright side though, I have been influencing...
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    White leather gloves...?

    They USMC gloves are cotton with the exception of a some of the band uniforms.
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    I went to O’Connell’s today

    Every time I go back to NYC I find more of my favorite little places have closed. Like Glaser's many of them are old and have become local institutions. Things change and I accept that but what makes it so depressing is there are not new places like this opening. "The rent is too damn high." It...
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    Anderson and Sheppard Makes a Suit

    It definitely looks shortened after the fact. Looking at it hurts my eyes.
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    What Are You Wearing Today 2.0?

    You're too modest Bernoulli. I'm looking for a suit like that, how did you come by yours?
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    Any luck with online MtM?

    You could give Lanieri a try. I've heard good things about them but I have no personal experience.
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    What Are You Wearing Today 2.0?

    Looking forward to it :)
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    Dark brown blazer.

    I agree. The favoritism issue you are bringing up is legitimate. It is easy for people to moralize their tastes.
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    Dark brown blazer.

    I take your point Hebrew Barrister, though I don't think one needs to claim that some other music is virtuous to criticize some of the lyrics found in rap. For example: "Last week I beat my ***** up in the street for lyin to me” “Can’t wait to see this ***** cause I'mma beat her *** in public”...
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    What Are You Wearing Today 2.0?

    I'm in agreement with you eagle, I'm consistently amazed at the way upr_crust is able to craft a perfectly harmonious look that expresses his unique sense of style while never being overstated.
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    Pete Buttigieg's belt!

    I had always heard that buttons on women’s clothes were the opposite direction because in day gone by their dresses were so big and complex that they couldn’t dress themselves and so the buttons were situated to make it easier for their maids to button them in and out. No idea if there is any...
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    Random question about a shoe design

    There are balmoral boots as well. They work well with a suit in bad weather.