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    The most versatile cordovan shoe colour: Dark Brown vs Burgundy

    Gentleman! I think that is an interesting question. What would you choose between 1) Dark brown; 2) Burgundy (lets add color 8 here); Which one do you find more versatile? And in which setup: a)Formal setup (suits); b)Casual (smart); Please list your opinions. I am personally choosing...
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    Burgundy Loafer Style Question (UK)

    Hi, Gents, At this moment I am choosing my first loafer, and I am choosing between a few particular loafers in Burgundy. The environment which I target in my life is 25-35yo, smart casual/smart. I do want something to work with chinos/jeans/sports jackets and shirts, as an alternative for my...
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    What do burgundy shoes go with?

    I'm looking for a list of what color pants go with burgundy shoes? I'm drawing a blank. I know navy works, but what about various shades of gray? Black? Tan? My instinct says most of these colors will work, but I defer to the board's expertise.