1. mikel

    contest High On Leather FREE Giveaway | 9 Awesome Prizes!!

    NOTE: High on Leather has decided to renege on this prize giveaway offer. AAAC attempted to contact the owner (Ishmeet) 10-15 times, and by different methods. All attempts at contacting High on Leather have been unsuccessful and have gone unanswered. Thank you to the following Brand...
  2. T

    Question about Briefcase Repair

    Anyone know where I might arrange to have a briefcase handle repaired or replaced? That is all.
  3. B

    Frank Clegg or Saddleback or ?

    Does anyone have any experience with Frank Clegg Leatherworks' briefcases? His English and American briefcases seem classic. Can anyone compare the Frank Clegg briefcases with Saddleback Leather's briefcases? I ordered a Saddleback, which came a few days ago, but which I haven't used--not sure...