1. M

    On XL (Long) Ties and Knots

    Good day all, Having gone a number of years without having purchased any new "formal" mensware, I am now in the midst of a wardrobe update. One of the (many) items on my list are neckties. I wanted to ask the group about how XL (long) neckties are cut vs a standard length tie, and if...
  2. A

    Can Anyone Find This Tie?

    Gentlemen, I came across this photo of a necktie during an image search for one of a different pattern, and was wondering if anyone knew offhand where it could be found. The image stated that it was an Alan Flusser tie made in the United States, but I am not certain whether that description...
  3. Anton Trotoush

    Used Ties

    Hello! I ordered some Used neckties from ebay, I really like the patterns! but something is wrong with the colours, it is like the colours got muted (?). the colours are darker then I think it should be. I don't know how, when I look in an inside area of the fabric its the same. and they smell...
  4. C

    Cary Grant's tie

    Cary Grant is wearing a beautiful tie in this picture. It's a very subtle blue grey color I can never find (everything I've seen is either too blue or too grey). Does anyone know where to find a tie like it? It coordinates elegantly with his navy suit.
  5. H

    High-end neckties without screaming "designer"

    I am looking to buy some high-end neckties that people would be able to recognize as expensive if they are familiar, but I don't want to wear a tie with a designer logo plastered all over it. Are there any real nice tie brands that the finely-tuned eye would recognize?
  6. S

    PSA: $55 Tie Sale at Hansen's Clothing (mostly Robert Talbott) and Free Shipping Got an email that Hansen's is having a $55 tie sale, mostly Robert Talbott, some good stuff in there still, plus free shipping. Gotta love Hansen's!
  7. D

    I need to buy neckties & pocket squares - suggestions?

    Hi friends, I hope everyone is well. I am in the market for some new ties, and thinkng of going with Sam Hober ties, and would like your recommendations. A bit about me. I am Indian, 5'11, 34 yrs old, and tend to dress 'smart and conservative'. I usually get my suits tailored, they tend to...
  8. S

    Fathers Day- seven fold tie

    I was thinkin about getting a seven fold tie for my father for fathers day. What do you guys suggest?
  9. P

    Difficult Necktie ID

    I know that this is going to be a pretty difficult question to answer, but I thought I'd try anyway. I just finished seeing Ghost Writer, and, aside from the merits of the movie, I can't get over trying to figure out what necktie Tom Wilkinson is wearing in his main scene in the movie. It's...
  10. I

    Bulk Necktie Fabric Sourcing

    Hi forum! Been trolling a while and finally signed up to ask the following question: I patented a novel necktie design and am interested in purchasing woven silk fabric to begin production of the ties. Local fabric stores in DC such as G Street Fabric have a number of fabrics but not in the...
  11. markdc

    Argyle & Sutherland Clarification

    What I traditionally associate with A&S is the green and navy combination, like this one from J. Press: However, Brooks Brothers has that iconic...
  12. D

    Sewing Homemade Neckties for Gifts

    Does anyone know what weight fabric I should use for the wool interlining?
  13. D

    Silk Fabrics Used for Neckties

    Andy and Anyone Who Can Offer Some Insight... I have been recently reading about the various weights and types silk fabrics used to produce neckties by companies ranging from Brooks Brothers to Hermes to Jcrew. I still have several questions. - What weight silks are generally preferred for...
  14. sdjordan

    My custom tie-rack [How do you store yours?]

    I made this a year ago because I was very dissatisfied with what was available for tie storage in the marketplace. I like to think of it as more of a display for my ties, a piece of furniture if you will [the black watch dust cover is one of my favorite touches] . I'm currently working on...
  15. exfish

    Knit ties: only square bottoms?

    I've been looking for ties to go with semi-casual summer clothes. Light color knit ties seemed like a good way to go, and I found a nice off-white wool knit tie that works well with many items in my wardrobe but I have to say that I really can't stand the square bottom. When worn with a...
  16. C

    Tie dimple questions

    I thankfully don't have many situations where I have to wear a tie right now (I'm only 19), because I have a very hard time getting the dimple to form or making it look right. Could someone please explain what it is that causes the dimple to form? (e.g. at what steps during the tying of the knot...