1. M

    On XL (Long) Ties and Knots

    Good day all, Having gone a number of years without having purchased any new "formal" mensware, I am now in the midst of a wardrobe update. One of the (many) items on my list are neckties. I wanted to ask the group about how XL (long) neckties are cut vs a standard length tie, and if...
  2. M

    $25 100% Silk Ties!!!!

    Check out this site I just read about it on one of the other threads, they sell all of their ties for only $25 with a handkerchief. They have some really nice ties too.:icon_smile::icon_smile::icon_smile:
  3. Andy

    Cliche Neckwear (!

    I just received two neckties from that are outstanding. And I'm not going to mention the price until the very end (do not look!!). They named the company Cliché meaning "a person or character whose behavior is predictable", since they started with the belief that it should be...
  4. M

    Mountain ans Sackett Tie Giveaway

    Necktie Giveaway. To enter, simply post a comment on your favorite Mountain & Sackett necktie on our facebook page (see link below). Winner will be randomly selected on August 15th.