1. L

    Best machine washable wool dress pants

    I have a pair of burgandy AE Grayson tassel loafers that I’d like to pair with quality dress pants for work everyday (sometimes with a blazer). I know machine washable wool means a terrible compromise in quality because it means a blend, but the lady of the house says she will only support...
  2. A

    Todd Shelton Winter Trouser Event – Save 25%

    We’ve released 8 modern-fitting, office appropriate trousers in fabrics and styles that deliver long-term wear. You can view the collection here. Each pant is made-to-order in our East Rutherford, NJ factory. Made with fabrics expertly milled in America's only remaining wool trouser mill. Our...
  3. R

    Altering "slim fit" suit pants that are anything but slim...

    Hi. i recently ordered a "slim-fit" suit separates jacket and matching pants at an extremely attractive price. The jacket fits very well, While the fit well in the waist (even a little snug), the pants are very, very baggy through the leg--not at all like the slim fit I'm looking for. I've...
  4. R

    Please recommend non-iron slim fit chinos / casual pants

    Hello, everyone. As the title of the post states, I'm in the market for some new pants. I have extremely slender legs/thighs and ironing (or going to a dry cleaner) is really not an option. One of the only possibilities that I have seen is lands-end...
  5. dusty-stick

    Are these the perfect pants?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a pair of trousers like these, i.e. high-rise, pleated, small taper or straight leg. What's your recommendation? Ideally UK but I'm open to global suggestions :) Thanks!
  6. Spin Evans

    Altering Trouser Seats

    I've read a lot of conflicting information, so forgive me for treading on an old subject. I've got my eye on a pair of trousers (eBay) that are labeled 32" in the waist. I normally wear 30" waist pants. I know that I can get the waistband altered so that it will be smaller. However, can you...
  7. M

    Luxire Pants

    I've been quite happy with the last few Luxire shirt orders and just noticed they now offer pants. http://custom.luxire.com/collections/pants Anyone try out the pants? Can't decide if it's worth the $129 price tag. Thoughts or reviews?
  8. B

    Exception to 2-inch-max pant waist tailoring?

    Hi, I've found several similar threads, but I'm not sure any answer my particular question. For background, I am a 42L with a 33 inch waist, but with fairly thick legs and butt that have required me to buy pants with 34-35 inch waists (to give me enough room in the legs and seat) and then have...
  9. D

    Drastic trouser alterations

    I thrifted a pair of Vineyard Vines pants(trousers) this afternoon. Size 40xU, in quite possibly the most obnoxious nautical print. The problem? I am a size 32.. Does anyone have any experience with drastic size alterations? Is this something an experienced tailor would be able to handle...
  10. K

    Matching trousers to tux jacket - can it be done?

    Hello, I need a purchase a tuxedo. I won't be wearing it much, and I'm on a budget. I've been reading various forums, and I have the impression that Corneliani is a good off the rack brand. I noticed that ebay has new Corneliani tux jackets for $200 - see this one for example...
  11. C

    Costco Wool Gabardine Slacks

    I saw these in Costco today for $50 a pair. They are pleated and cuffed, a light weight wool gabardine made in Italy of Italian fabric. The quality is really good for $50. I never expected to write about clothes in Costco here but if someone is looking for bargain slacks these are about as...
  12. F

    Bonobos Chekover Pants

    I am a long-time reader (since 2009), but first time poster. I am Interested in the board's thoughts on these pants: http://www.bonobos.com/chekovers-houndstooth-overcheck-pant-brown. I just ordered a pair for ~$100 (a $35 discount was given at checkout for an unknown, but welcome, reason)...
  13. A

    Hickey Freeman trouser ID help

    OK, what are these? I found them yesterday, and aside from knowing that they are well made, I'm stumped. Vintage, model, anything you can give me would be awesome!
  14. M

    Cubavera Linen Pants

    Hello! I was interested in these pants, but haven't found any information about them. http://www.cubavera.com/Drawstring-Linen-Pant/C8FB0147DS,default,pd.html?dwvar_C8FB0147DS_color=122&start=1&cgid=cuhpantsandshorts&srule=best-matches I am stationed in Italy, with the chance of going back to...
  15. F

    Low/Mid-priced trousers

    Hello! I have been lurking around here for a while now, and finally decided to register. I was wondering who makes the best quality low/mid-priced trousers? Kind of like the T.M. Lewin/Charles Tyrwhitt of trousers. Preferably 100 % natural fiber, with soft and durable fabric and a classic...
  16. S


    I recently bought a pair of trousers at a vintage store that say "GIORGIO" in the label... Is this a counterfit Armani or is there a label or clothinge brand that sells a label that just say "GIORGIO" on it? The pants are really nice, 100% new wool.:confused2:
  17. 4

    what shade of gray pants with navy blazer and other questions pertianing to this combination

    I'm looking to get a pair of gray pants to go with my navy blazer... I've heard of medium gray flannel... is this the correct color and fabric? Is there a correct color and fabric? Is there a reason to this combination? Is this supposed to look more formal than khakis and a blazer but...
  18. M

    Pant Matching

    Does anybody know a tailor in New York City who's good at creating pants that match the fabric of a jacket? (I made the mistake of not getting separate pair of pants for a white dinner jacket and just using the one that came with the black one, but that's another discussion.) The pants are...
  19. G

    Thrifted Orange Chipp Slacks--please help

    I admit I wasn't really familiar with Chipp before I picked these up thrifting today, but they looked great so I got them. Can anyone tell me tell me anything helpful about these pants? I was going to put them up on eBay because they are about a size or two too big for me both ways. Are they...
  20. E

    Heavy Wool Trousers

    Apologies if this is addressed somewhere, I didn't see what I'm looking for exactly but I am new to the search. In fact I'm a neophyte to this in general so I'm sure I will stumble all over this question. I'm a far bigger fan of the look, feel and cut of much older trousers/pants. I do not...