1. E

    Heavy Wool Trousers

    Apologies if this is addressed somewhere, I didn't see what I'm looking for exactly but I am new to the search. In fact I'm a neophyte to this in general so I'm sure I will stumble all over this question. I'm a far bigger fan of the look, feel and cut of much older trousers/pants. I do not...
  2. B

    Should I get my pants lined?

    Hello, all. I am new here and am glad to have been accepted by the gracious mods. I have recently lost 80 lbs and I will be graduating from law school, next year. I am currently an intern for a state senate committee and will be required to wear business attire consistently during the...
  3. N

    Socks should match your trousers ?

    I read Andy say this : "Socks should match your trousers" However, I have also read from someone who has been in the rags (clothing) business for a long time say that ones socks should never be lighter in color than the sports coat or blazer one is wearing. So should one match ones socks to...
  4. C

    The pleats, cuff, no cuff question

    I'm buying a sign. gold suit from JAB. They only come with double reverse pleats. Should I cuff? Do cuffs really make you look short? or is this just BS advice to tall people, and BS advice to short people to avoid?
  5. J

    What's the extended part of the waistband of a pants called?

    What's that extended part which is circled in red called? TQ.
  6. T

    J. Peterman Walt Whitman Pants

    Hi, I rarely post here, as most of my time is spent on SF, but I was wondering if anyone had real life pictures of the J. Peterman Walt Whitman Pants. I just bought some with the accompanying braces and am aching to know how they look. Thank you, T
  7. A

    L.A. Trad?

    I'm so envious of you guys who live in places with actual seasons -- it seems like so much of the trad look is about tweed, sweaters, pants... Here in Los Angeles, the weather makes most outerwear etc. an option maybe 2 weeks out of the year! Casual or weekend wear pretty much never involves...
  8. W

    What color pants to wear with this jacket

    I recently purchased this jacket on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&item=270256456909 It's listed as black, but in sunlight it's closer to charcoal with a slight olive overtone. I'm trying to figure out what color of pants would work best. Because...
  9. Cadillac-89

    Are cuffs on pant legs out?

    I was talking to a local tailor today asking about alterations on my new suit, and when I asked for a quote on the alterations mentioning cuffs, he said he wouldn't recommend getting them. He said that he hasn't even done cuffs in at least a year and a half and that people might think it's an...
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