1. A

    The most versatile cordovan shoe colour: Dark Brown vs Burgundy

    Gentleman! I think that is an interesting question. What would you choose between 1) Dark brown; 2) Burgundy (lets add color 8 here); Which one do you find more versatile? And in which setup: a)Formal setup (suits); b)Casual (smart); Please list your opinions. I am personally choosing...
  2. A

    New Shell Cordovan: To Treat or Not to Treat?

    Afternoon, gents! I'm seeking your informed wisdom. I just splurged on my first-ever pair of shell cordovan shoes (AE Dalton), which I still haven't worn beyond trying on indoors. I've spent hours reading various threads here and elsewhere on shell care. I want to protect this investment from...
  3. Mr Jones

    Vintage Lee Kee custom cordovan shoes.

    I found some nice shell cordovan loafers from Hong Kong custom shoemaker Lee Kee. Since they were custom made, no size is indicated. Is there any way to accurately size a shoe besides running around like Cinderella's prince, asking anyone/everyone to try them on for fit? Some sort of expandable...
  4. M

    Newbie, thanks and observations on Alden vs Allen Edmond Shell

    Hi I am new but reading the forum helped me make the leap from $150 shoes to some "real shoes" -- and I decided that I might as well go whole hog, or rather shell cordovan due to inspiration from this site. So I wanted to thank everyone. I pretty much only wear black shoes (architect...lots of...
  5. W

    Rubber from Overshoes Coming Off on Shell Uppers

    Dear Friends I haven't posted -- or read -- on this forum in a few years, but: this post is past due. About four years ago, I bought a pair of AE Leeds in #8 shell, and bought Tingley Dress Rubber Overshoes to protect them. However, after several wears I noticed something black and sticky on...
  6. Bandit44

    J&M Longwings

    As long as I’ve been wearing Johnston & Murphy, I’ve always associated the brand with the Aristocraft balmoral. So I was intrigued when I came across a pristine condition pair of LWBs labeled as burgundy calf. After doing a series of searches, I've turned up relatively little information on...
  7. Orgetorix

    So what's the deal with cigar?

    So what's the deal with cigar shell cordovan? The stuff comes in (and ages to) so many different hues, shades, and colors that it seems schizophrenic. Sometimes it's just a plain, dark brown--so dark it's difficult to distinguish any undertones. Sometimes it's a rich reddish-brown...
  8. sdbinpa

    What do we think about Chukkas?

    I'm considering getting Alden shell cordovan chukkas - either #8 or cigar. I'd love to hear what all of you think of chukkas. Versatile? What do you wear them with? What do you not wear them with? Can you post pics of your chukkas? Thanks!
  9. sdbinpa

    Shell Cordovan Money Clip or Folding Business Card Wallet?

    Does anyone know where I can find a shell cordovan covered money clip or folding business card case? Alden of Carmel used to show one on thier site, however they required you to buy a pair of shoes too. Thanks in advance!
  10. sdbinpa

    Alden Shell Tankers - Black or #8?

    Quick Poll - Alden Shell Tanker Boots - Black or #8? Which is more versatile?
  11. Doctor Damage

    Questions about AE Randolph (shell)...

    I finally saw a pair of these in Toronto a few weeks ago and I was impressed. The AE shell cordovan seems to have a stronger brown shade than the Alden/BB shell, and the leather used for the soles appears to be better than what AE uses on their calfskin shoes. However, I know from...
  12. Q

    What do you think about the BB/Alden shell metal eyelet wingtip oxfords?

    Here are the pics: http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.php?p=1363288&postcount=6909 I've always kind of liked these, even though the metal eyelets are a bit unconventional. Now that I've seen these (great) photos, I like them even more. Are the eyelets hideous or awesome? Do they stand...
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