1. L

    What shoemaker is this? (Welted)

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could help me identify the maker of these Goodyear welted brogues? Cheers Luke.
  2. E

    Besides sneakers, what shoes under a polo and dark jeans (or chinos)?

    Besides sneakers, what shoes would you wear under a solid color polo with dark jeans (or chinos)? Thank you.
  3. L

    Moral Code Footwear Exclusive Amazon Sale. Save up to $160 per pair!

    Moral Code Shoes on Sale Amazon Store: https://www.amazon.com/stores/node/17863520011 From 6/10 through 6/30 we are running a pretty extraordinary Amazon only event. Moral Code footwear will be marked down to $79, $89, $99 and $129. Normal prices are $178-$248 so it’s savings of up to $160...
  4. A

    Samuel Hubbard Shoes - what do you think?

    Ive been seeing a ton of advertising for Samuel Hubbard shoes over the last year or so in the WSJ, New York Mag, ads all over NYC and was wondering what the forvm Gods feel about them. I didn't see any other recent threads on them so I figured I would start a new one. For all those that know...
  5. A

    The most versatile cordovan shoe colour: Dark Brown vs Burgundy

    Gentleman! I think that is an interesting question. What would you choose between 1) Dark brown; 2) Burgundy (lets add color 8 here); Which one do you find more versatile? And in which setup: a)Formal setup (suits); b)Casual (smart); Please list your opinions. I am personally choosing...
  6. W

    Customizing color for prada shoes

    Im curious if you guys can help me out with this. I want to change the color of lettering of Prada to white. The material seems to be rubber. Is it possible to paint this really clean? Zoom in the pic to see the bevels. Very tight space. I might consider changing the color of black strip on...
  7. W

    finding the right shell cordovan size

    I'm curious how the vamp area should fit for Shell cordovan shoes. When you press down vamp area, should the leather touch immediately your top of foot? I really like the multiple large rumples/folds that appear on vamp area. But i don't get that. Mine is just flat. I'm wondering if that's...
  8. M

    Tricker’s Shoes

    Hi All- I’m normally a wearer of J&M $200ish shoes and am wanting to get into something nicer. I ran across some Tricker’s of England models and they look very nice. https://www.trickers.com/row/mens/keswick-c-shade-heavy-brogue-shoe.html https://www.trickers.com/row/mens/morgan-7153.html...
  9. W

    Repairing cut in shell cordovan

    [/URL][/IMG] Hi guys, I'm wondering if this can be fix. Perhaps fill it in with something? It's shell cordovan. Or should i just not care about it?
  10. A

    Wholecut Oxford Shoes Creasing

    Was wondering if anyone had any experience regarding the creasing of wholecut oxfords. Does it become unsightly, would anyone not suggest spending 500 to 700 hundred on them if the creases decrease the beauty of the shoe. Does it depend on the quality of the leather? I would plan to wear them 2...
  11. D

    Segs/Blakeys Advice

    Hi, Long time lurker here, and I could do with some advice please. I like nice formal shoes, but I get a lot of wear on the soles and heels. My other half recently bought me a beautiful pair of shoes, but they are fitted with metal blakeys that are built into the heels, as well as metal tips...
  12. W

    General questions about clothing

    Few questions from a newbie here (not very active on this forum even though have been registered for some time). Also I’m not English speaking person so I hope my grammar won’t offend you. Shorts. How they actually should fit? I mean should they stick to your skin or should there be some kind...
  13. P

    Hanger Project Shoe Recrafting...Any more info, comparisons, etc?

    Apparently the Hanger Project now offers a shoe recrafting service, using Rendenbach soles and heels. According to their site, "Your shoes will be extensively and throughly recrafted by our award-winning cobbler to the SSIA Silver Cup contest standards". Does anyone have any more information on...
  14. mitsein

    shoe size conversion standard?

    Gents. I always (perhaps mistakenly) thought that the shoe sizes are converted using some set standard. But, during an online shoe search, I came across this inconsistency between size conversion. The following is just a sample conversion of size 10, taken from the websites of Allen Edmonds...
  15. Anton Trotoush

    Shoe trees

    Hello, I have a pair of shoe trees. But there is something wired, they fit my shoes but creat a push slightly above the lowest line of the shoe. This push creat a very ugly wrinkles. What is the causes of this? It’s the case on tow pairs of shoes. Is the shoe tree the problem? Am I doing...
  16. P

    Shoe Balance: What does it mean (Are all my shoes unbalanced)?

    In scouring the forum and reading through all the old Topy debate threads, I saw the idea of shoe "balance" being discussed many times, though hardly ever at length. It was usually used to describe the balance between the heel and the toe. I read that the heel should sit flat, not on the front...
  17. P

    Sole Splitting on side of Aldens (and some scuffs and stains)

    I recently made an impulse buy on eBay and received my reward today! It's a pair of Alden 911 Medallion cap-toes. The pictures showed some scuffs and a reddish-brown stain by the toe, but when I took them out of the box, I noticed some places on the side of the soles where it appears the layers...
  18. C

    Versatile Saint Crispin's MTO Boots

    Gents, I have rather difficult to fit feet. For this reason I think St. Crispin's MTO program with the personal last option is perfect for me. I'm looking to get a pair of versatile boots and wanted some advice on selecting a suitable style, colour, leather and out-sole material. My...
  19. R

    Finish coming off of new shoes

    When trying on a pair of shoes (ordered online) the finish appears to be coming off along the toe cap and in creases. Does anyone have some insight into whether this can be easily corrected or if it may be a sign of more problems to come? Would it be wiser to return them? They were sold at a...
  20. P

    Are these Brooks Brothers shoes made by AE?

    Hello everyone, I'm curious if anyone can tell me whether the Brooks Brothers shoes on sale here (http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Medallion-Perforated-Captoes/MH00025,default,pd.html) are made by Allen Edmonds, as I suspect. They look exactly like pictures of the AE Strand I have seen, and the...
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