1. Michael Marshall

    Having hard time finding a men's belt that fits

    I need some help here, Gentlemen. I am looking for a black dress belt that is of quality, rather than something which lacks durability, but I am running into a peculiar situation because many retailers that are in partnership with AAAC do not stock a belt that is my size in their men's...
  2. P

    Chetwynd size question

    Hello everybody I wear Church's shoes since many years and have 9,5F. I prefer the 173 last though I also have shoes on the 73 and other lasts. I recently tried a pair of Chetwynd in 9,5F and was surprised to find them bigger than my other shoes on the same last, notably my Consuls. The...
  3. wrwhiteknight

    What is a size V or 5 for an italian shirt?

    I am looking at a dress shirt on the web that is a size V or 5 (I guess?), what size neck is this shirt? Any ideas? The other measurements are: Chest pit to pit - 24 3/4'' , sleeve from shoulder - 25 1/2'', length from collar to bottom - 32''. Thanks!
  4. T

    Converting Individual Measurements to a Tagged Size

    I see a lot of Thrift Exchange and Ebay sales featuring individual jacket measurements instead of a tag size. Now, I know that's convenient if you know the measurements for your own clothes (or yourself), but assuming you don't, is there a handy table somewhere for converting or...
  5. Bookkeeper

    Suit size -- what does it really mean?

    Yesterday I measured my chest to place an order at (a brilliant site, though this will be my first order), and I came in at 36 inches. Which got me thinking, what does suit size mean, really? Last summer at the rental tux place, they tried to give me a 42 (I'm tall and...
  6. B

    My measurements, now onto the size.

    I'm looking to buy a sport coat. I currently don't own any, but I need one for a trip I have scheduled in July. My measurements are: Chest: 35 in Overarm: 37 in Arm Length: 32 1/2 in Neck: 16 in What would be my size according to the above measurements? I'm 6ft 1/2 inch tall and weigh...
  7. E

    How do you know if your shoe is the right fit?

    Hi All This might sound like a doofus question but I'm quite confused. For most of my shoe buying life I've either had shoes that fit to tightly or were too loose. I'm referring to formal shoes here such as brogues. Normally I get an 8F (UK sizing). They can be quite tight but after a few...
  8. C

    How do you choose a shoe tree? (size and shape)

    I am looking to purchase shoe trees, I have never used them before - always just shoved paper towel into my shoes after wear. Although I think my Grensons deserve better. Looking to the Cedarville website. Which are best - the Washburn or the Twin tube model? Also, I wear a 10.5 US and...
  9. M

    Which lasts are AE Quinton and/or Cambridge?

    The title says it all. I can't seem to find it on their website. . .
  10. sunsetsinner

    Deeper French Cuffs

    Not sure if this is the correct terminology, or way of describing it, but I would be interested to know if any shirtmakers make French cuff shirts with deeper cuffs. Typically my French cuff shirts have a depth of 75mm (150mm unfolded). I would like to know if anyone has been able to purchase...
  11. T

    Allen Edmonds Shoe Decision

    Good day, Gentlemen, and Ladies, Found a pair of first quality AE Fairfax in sz 9 D, but I take a sz 8.5 D. My 2 prs. of 15 y/o, like-new Park Ave, black and cognac, fit me beautifully from day one. My concern is that I love the Fairfax, they are rare in my size, and as such I am considering...