1. M

    On XL (Long) Ties and Knots

    Good day all, Having gone a number of years without having purchased any new "formal" mensware, I am now in the midst of a wardrobe update. One of the (many) items on my list are neckties. I wanted to ask the group about how XL (long) neckties are cut vs a standard length tie, and if...
  2. S

    Need Help! Finding a Tie to Match Shirt

    I just purchased this shirt on eBay and I need some help finding a necktie or bow tie to go with it. I'd prefer to stick with Brooks Brothers, Drakes, and Fort Belvedere, and it needs to be a tie that I can purchase from their websites directly. For the record, I do not like knits or paisleys...
  3. L

    Ties: Narrowing, Widening, Shortening, Lengthening and Cleaning

    I just found a fabulous resource, called Tiecrafters in New York City. They're experts at cleaning, widening, narrowing, shortening and lengthening ties. Their website is tiecrafters.com and I've listed the rest of their contact information at the bottom of this post. They've been...
  4. T

    Discounted Quality Ties in Dallas?

    Anyone have any suggestions for where to get quality ties in the Dallas area at a reasonable price? The only place I have found is Last Call in Allen, where you can usually pick up $200 Brioni or Stefano Ricci ties for $95, or even $50-60 on sale. But the selection is somewhat limited. I don't...
  5. R

    RVR Fall 2012 - Javits Center Jan 22-24 Come See Our Exciting New Collection!

  6. J

    Is this knot too big?

    Either this reporter's head is very small, or his knot's too big. What do you think? https://www.opendrive.com/files?N18xNzYxMTVfU0VoUXY
  7. M

    Zegna Ties

    Hi everybody, I need to pick up a purple tie for a wedding that I am attending next month. I just bought a Hugo Boss tie, but was disappointed with the way that it knots and plan on returning it. I found a very similar Zegna tie on ebay, but, having never purchased a Zegna before or...
  8. T

    PSA Cross-Reference: Panta Ties

    I'm sure a lot of folks saw this elsewhere, but there was a blurb recently for a tiemaker named Panta, selling some very attractive wares (although a bit pricier than Sam Hober.) Short article and pictures here.
  9. R

    How to tie a tie ?

    Well I m very new member to this forum but not the world, recently I have attended a professional party and saw the guys wearing amazing and colorful ties which is perfectly suiting them and the knot they have just maded is perfect. I know how to tie a tie , but just want to know how to do it...
  10. O

    Width of Hawes & Curtis ties

    Could someone please tell me the width of the "normal" ties Hawes and Curtis currently sells? By "normal," I mean the Plain Natte, Plain Ottomen, Striped, and Designed ties. (That is, all their ties not designated as "wide" or "thin.") I couldn't find that information on their site. I...
  11. M

    $25 100% Silk Ties!!!!

    Check out this site www.clichemens.com I just read about it on one of the other threads, they sell all of their ties for only $25 with a handkerchief. They have some really nice ties too.:icon_smile::icon_smile::icon_smile:
  12. F

    Groomsmen Attire

    I'd like to start by apologizing for my obvious feckless IQ about such things, but I'm hoping that some of the experts here can help educate me a bit. I'm getting married in a few short weeks and will be buying my groomsmen their ties as one of my gifts to them but I'm at a loss as to which...
  13. M

    Mountain ans Sackett Tie Giveaway

    Necktie Giveaway. To enter, simply post a comment on your favorite Mountain & Sackett necktie on our facebook page (see link below). Winner will be randomly selected on August 15th. http://www.facebook.com/pages/New-York-NY/Mountain-Sackett/167400703009?ref=sgm
  14. B


    Buyyourties.com ( http://www.buyyourties.com ) has just released a brand new selection of Bow Ties and Brand Name ties on their website. Brand names includes: Ike Behar, Ted Baker, Michael Kors, Jerry Garcia as well as many other brands. Until April 30th, if you enter Code: APR10 in the...
  15. B

    Neckties – Bowties – Ascots and More

    New member of the Ask Andy web-site.
  16. N

    BB Tie Labels

    I'm hoping someone here can answer what I believe to be a fairly inconsequential question. I just purchased a tie with a label identical to the tie pictured in the link below. I don't personally own any BB ties with this black/white label, and am curious what, if anything, that label signifies...
  17. C

    Tie is always too short

    I am 5'11'' short torso, long legs. Seems that whenever I put on a tie, either it falls too short, or the knot must come out too small. Must I be somehow tying improperly? or must you always get an extra long tie? What is the trick here. Does anyone have this same problem??? Any thoughts???
  18. sdjordan

    My Custom Tie-Rack [PART II] [Photos]

    Regarding the previous post:My Custom Tie-Rack [Photos] As promised,here is another design. Note slanted pegs on the back for hanging bow ties- as well as a special stash pocket up front for pocket squares as well as knit ties, if you'd like. What do you think?
  19. P

    What are the best shirts and ties of Savile Row?

    I own a couple of shirts from Henry Poole and Co., Gieves and Hawkes, and several ties from Ede and Ravenscroft. I must say that my favorite of the three would be Henry Poole and Co. Do you have any preference for a tailor of Savile Row?
  20. C

    What is the width of Jpress ties?

    The website doesn't have the size posted on their ties. anyone know the width size?