1. L

    Best machine washable wool dress pants

    I have a pair of burgandy AE Grayson tassel loafers that I’d like to pair with quality dress pants for work everyday (sometimes with a blazer). I know machine washable wool means a terrible compromise in quality because it means a blend, but the lady of the house says she will only support...
  2. A

    Clarifications about rise and "natural waist" in relation to pant/trouser fit

    I was in the midst of reviving this old thread but thought the better of it. Figured I'd start a fresh thread to address my specific concerns. So, in terms of definition, I feel there should be a distinction and unified understanding in what constitutes your waist. As pointed out in the thread...
  3. A

    Hickey Freeman trouser ID help

    OK, what are these? I found them yesterday, and aside from knowing that they are well made, I'm stumped. Vintage, model, anything you can give me would be awesome!
  4. KiwiTweedman

    3 1/4 Length Trousers ...The Fashion Worlds Worst mistake.

    What Do People Think Of 3 1/4 Length Trousers ( Real Men Wear Trousers... Not Pants !!!) That Annoys When people / Clothing Shops Say Mens Pants , instead of MensTrousers:( I Think.... Men And Women look So Silly Wearing Them...And i would'nt Be Seen Dead Wearing Them ( 3 1/4 Trousers That Is)