A Trad "What are you Wearing"

Discussion in 'Andy's Trad Forum' started by mpcsb, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. mpcsb

    mpcsb Inactive User

    There's one in the regular Fashion Forum and there's one in the Temporary SF Forum. Should Trads have one of their own?
  2. Harris

    Harris Advanced Member

    I'm not sure what it means. Are we supposed to post the details of what we're presently wearing? Cheers, Harris
  3. mpcsb

    mpcsb Inactive User

    Yes, it's kind of silly but you can get an idea of clothing combinations. I can't say as I would be a great participant as I frequently wear the same thing day in and day out with slight variation. E.G.

    Bills M1 cuffed in British khaki
    BB tattersal blues on white
    generic brown braided belt
    C&B brown wingtips
    timex on navy/red/navy band

    PS forgot, Barbour Beaufort (no liner 50F)
  4. Brownshoe

    Brownshoe Super Member

    Gross weather in the big city today, so:

    Bean navy Shetland sweater
    pink BB OCBD
    olive foulard BB tie
    khaki Bean cords
    Bean low-rise duck boots
    duffle coat

    No sportcoat, and I feel uneay about it.
  5. LongWing

    LongWing Super Member

    United States
    Transitioning from flannels to tropicals here:

    BB Cordo plain blucher
    Cordo Belt
    Pinkerton Gray Corbin tropicals, cuffed
    Red/Black on white Press tattersal shirt
    Blue blazer, soon to be replaced by Southwick Douglas
  6. Mike C.

    Mike C. New Member

    LL Bean Maine Hunting Shoe
    University stripe (blue/white), OCBD
    Repp tie, Green, Gold, Navy Stripe
    Saftey pin thru the collar
    Navy, Cashmere, V-neck sweater, fine guage
    Dark Indigo, selvage jean
    1" Alligator belt w/silver engine turn buckle
    Knize Ten
    Vintage Brooks Pea Coat
  7. Brownshoe

    Brownshoe Super Member

    I have that Press tattersall, I really like it paired with green jackets and sweaters.
  8. Harris

    Harris Advanced Member

    Medium grey pin-striped Southwick (MTM Douglas model) suit, white OCBD (Mercer), an old maroon with navy/white Brooks #2 repp stripe, black socks (Byford), Alden #8 shell cordovan tassels, maroon-navy watch strap, brown bridle leather belt with gold vermeil monogrammed buckle. LL Bean gold-toned field watch. Press camel hair polo coat, patch tweed derby hat, and Dress Gordon muffler from Press. Cheers, Harris
  9. LongWing

    LongWing Super Member

    United States
    I don't have much green. Thanks for the tip.
  10. MichaelB

    MichaelB Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    United States
    Rhode Island
    Bass Weejun penny loafers, navy Byford socks, cuffed Bill's Khakis, brown alligator belt with sterling monogram buckle, Brooks OCBD in blue-and-white university stripe, repp stripe bowtie in my school's colors (crimson and black), old Cartier tank with alligator band, JPress olive corduroy sportcoat, old camel-hair polo coat from JG Hook.

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