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Joe Tradly

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Come one, come all Trads:

Welcome to the Unofficial Ask Andy About Trad Informal Thrift Store Exchange thread.

Here's how it works. Post a reply to this thread if you are interested in informally being a part of the exchange, that is, you occasionally stop by thrift stores, are willing to buy Trad items to exchange with Trad brethren, and you are willing to wear thrift store finds.

In your post, tell us your "measurements" and what items you might be looking for. At any time, you can edit your post to alter a size (yes, we all do gain and sometimes lose weight), or change what you're looking for. Some participants may wish to post pictures of items they've found. Please, if you do this, pull the pictures down when the deal's been made.

Deals should be made by private message only, and we will operate under the honor system. Since thrift store items tend to be cheap, you won't be out tons of cash, but it's easier if we all agree to agree up front. You set the price, but try not to gouge your fellow Trad. We can agree to do this because those of us who have been to a thrift store have all felt the abject pain of finding the perfect sack tweed in a 38L. Well, someone's bound to be a 38L around here.

Finally: I think this lives on the Trad Forum because I believe we need to limit ourselves to truly Trad items, or the profoundly exceptional non-trad items (a darted odd seersucker jacket with embroidered lobsters, for instance). Sack suits especially are so hard to come by that when we find them in vintage shops and in good condition, we need to share them with each other.

Now, I have Golden Fleece three-piece sack suit that I need to measure and take some photos of...just you wait until you see this beauty.

PM me if you think I need to edit this post in anyway.

Thanks gents,

Joe Tradly

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Oh, yeah:

44R jacket
38 waist

Looking for just about anything in a sack cut, suit or odd jacket, especially tweeds.



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Of course I'm in.

I am a 44 short jacket, 38 waist, although I can usually wear a 42 sack, and sometime I can wear shorter regulars. I wear a size 9 1/2 or 9 wide shoe.

I am on the look out for about anything in a sack (like Joe), also for a polo coat, and nice penny loafers or Alden-style tassel loafers.


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Thanks for getting this started, should be fun! If that GF is near a 38, you may be hearing from me:icon_smile:

For me:

37-39 for jackets (or the generic "small"). A "short" or "regular" are both fine.
32-33 for pants
Size 11, preferably wide width

Looking for anything similar to the following:
-Tweed overcoat, odd jacket, or vest
-Duffel coat, in navy or perhaps camel colored
-Any trad suits (especially solid navy, grey, and anything three piece)
-Suede or cordovan tasels or penny loafers
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Hurrah! Thanks, Joe!

I'm a 48L (but regular can be OK), and 38 waist and 34 leg.

Would love to hear about trad. suits, Harris or Donegal tweeds (anything! coats, jackets, trousers, unused underwear...), and dark wool trousers. Thanks, chaps!


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Okay, it's pinned to the top by popular request. We'll see how it works. Just a reminder, this is to facilitate private exchanges and AAAC can assume no responsibility for problems, blah, blah.

I'm a 40/41R, 34 waist, ~30" inseam (32 in some khakis, etc.)

16 x 34 in shirts

Medium in sweaters

I'd be very interested in good condition Brooks (or Press) OCBDs in my size, particularly blue, pink and yellow, also sweaters. Suits and sportcoats, too, of course. As I'm fairly ecumenical with my wardrobe (ie, not dart-phobic) if you happen to run across anything high end in my size, I'd likely be interested.


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Way to go Joe! I am a 44L and am looking for:
a herringbone Harris tweed in either dark brown, black or olive, I'd prefer them to be fully lined.

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I don't thrift much anymore but I am interested in the recieving end of the exchange. I'm a 38R and very interested in finding a tweed sack. Whenever you guys think to yourselves 'bugger! this is too small!' think of me. :)


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This is a grand idea: thank you. I recently posted a request for a separate trad sales forum and I think that this does quite nicely.

I wear a 43 R, 36-7 waist around a 29.5" inseam. As clothing styling and sizing have changed over the years, I find that in an older suit I'm a 44 and in a newer blazer and sometimes suit I'm a 42.
Shoes are US 9 or 9.5 D. UK 8 or 8.5E.
Shirt size 16 / 16.5 33
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