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    In my recent trip to Japan, I came across Aizome (or Ai-zome). It is the traditional way of indigo dyeing (not to be confused with indigo color). Except for some art studios, I could not find any shop/seller that has authentic Aizome clothes and accessories.

    According to the above-mentioned sources, there are many different varieties of Aizome, which includes, but not limited to:
    • Shira Ai (White indigo)
    • Kame Nozoki (Looking into the vase)
    • Asagi
    • Usu Ai (Light indigo)
    • Hanada
    • Ruri Kon (Lapis lazuli blue)
    • Tetsu Kon (Iron blue)
    • Kachi
    • Nasu Kon (Eggplant purple)
    It would be nice to hear if any members have experience with (or own) authentic handmade Aizome clothing or accessories?
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    Amazon sells aizome products.
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    Uniqlo occasionally has aizome shirts (I have a few).

    I myself have various aizome items, like a yukata, a jinbei, various kerchiefs.

    Pure Blue Japan has aizome denim, though at a hefty price (jeans north of US$500), but I imagine there are more affordable denims out there. I'd check Japan Blue.

    For future trips to Japan you'll find aizome less in department stores and more in shotengai or covered shopping arcades, as they often carry more traditional goods. Tokyo has several shotengai, but any Japanese city has them.

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