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As explained in my letter on the main forum, the most important single thing we can all do for our collective future is to keep our economy as healthy as possible under these trying circumstances.

We are immediately lowering our prices on and by 20% for our clients and members of AskAndy.

Simply create an account on either web site and use the code AAACSAVES at checkout on orders of $99 or more.

Most importantly: Be Careful and Be Safe!

The Details: - or -
Code ANDYSAVES. Register and/or Log In. 20% Off $99+. Effective today. No exceptions.
Shipments may arrive a bit slower than usual due to current transportation conditions.
Though we have deep stock, we may limit quantities on certain items as our European artisans may be unable to restock us in the immediate future.
We ship internationally via DHL. Most orders are delivered in 3-4 days.
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