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I purchased a pair of AE Cavanaughs from the ShoeBank. As much as I want to love these shoes, I think they are ready for donation. Is it just me or is the toe box/fore foot very narrow; as in almost tapers narrower toward the front of the shoe? I tried to wear them today but didn't even make it out of the house and opted for my Sebago Classic Penny Loafer instead. The good news is that I didn't pay full price.

Of note, the die job on the shoes as delivered from the ShoeBank was pretty bad; very blotchy. The original color was supposed to be Oxblood. So, I used that prep stuff to prepare the shoes which removed most of the Oxblood, the used a Dark Burgundy Die on them. Actually came out very nice and near the same color as Alden's Color Number 8. Jut thought I'd add this in case anybody cares at all.


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I recently got some Cavanughs and it does look like Oxblood to me. 9.5E-- good fit, but then I probably do not know enough about shoe construction. . Dark Burgundy sounds like a nice touch to them. I was the only one to bid on these on ebay. cheap. now for some Saphir products to take care of them.


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They are narrow in my experience. Unfortunately in my size 15 the only available width is a standard D but that is the width I always wear.

I have a pair in oxblood and another in a darker brown (can't remember the precise name AE used) and both pinch my pinky toe. The oxbloods are more flexible and after wearing them for 15 minutes or so usually loosen up and my feet are comfortable for the rest of the day, assuming I'm not going to be spending a lot of time on my feet. I make it a point to not wear them if I'm going to be out and about visiting clients, sales meetings, etc. I save them for quiet days when I'm in the office all day. I'm going to replace the brown pair with something from Rancourt this summer.