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high-res version:

Actor Desi Arnaz and his wife, Edith Eyre Hirsch, during the Keeneland fall breeding sale, Nov. 11, 1963. Arnaz, best known for his role as Ricky Ricardo on the TV series sitcom “I Love Lucy,” paid $66,000 (about $525,000 adjusted for inflation) for a broodmare, the highest price paid during the five-day sale. He owned the 45-acre Corona Breeding Farm in Corona, Calif., and he raced Thoroughbreds. Two weeks later, the actor paid the top price, $32,000, for a two-year-old filly at a Thoroughbred sale at Belmont Park. Hirsch was Arnaz’s second wife. He previously had been married to “I Love Lucy” co-star Lucille Ball for 20 years. His breeding business was dissolved and the farm sold in the 1970s. The 20th annual Keeneland fall breeding stock sale closed with 842 offerings being auctioned for nearly $3.9 million (nearly $31 million adjusted for inflation). Last year’s November breeding stock sale at Keeneland had gross sales of $215 million. The 2017 breeding sale begins Nov. 7. Published Nov. 17, 1963, in the Sunday Herald-Leader. Herald-Leader Archive Photo


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The Dartmouth photos are high-res so you can zoom in and see some interesting details. These guys on the rowing crew, for example, in the days before ubiquitous athletic gear. One is wearing boots, another moccasins with wrap soles.


Thanks. I did not know that at all.

In fact, to the extent that it ever even crossed my mind, I'd have pegged him for NYC or NYC burbs (Westchester?) based on the few glimpses I've caught of him in his TV roles in the 90s...
Yeah, he’s quite the blue blood. Great actor! I think The Killing Fields was the first thing I ever saw him in. I saw Gatsby later.