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  1. Horace

    Horace Senior Member

    Cox's collar in the swearing in photo is beautifully rumpled -- even for a BD collar.
  2. jklu

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    Note RFK's single link cuffs.
  3. Chris H

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    Hi Russell,

    I was told that John worked as a window dresser at Austins, I have not checked this out with the man himself, so it might be mixed up with Cecil Gee which was only a few doors away. As I suspect you probably know, Austins was very popular with young musicians back then. I believe Georgie Fame, Charlie Watts, Andrew Loog Oldham and Eric Clapton were all customers in the early 1960s.

    I first shopped at Austins in 1964, it was quite a lot more expensive than Cecil Gee but, you were getting the real US-made deal. Among the BDs sold I remember Gant, Arrow and (I think) Sero. I bought a couple of the Arrow roll-collar BDs. These shirts had flexible stiffeners in the collar which could be used to adjust the roll. I also bought two madras jackets from Austin around this time.

    My first purchases from John Simon were made at the Squire Shop, Brewer Street in the late 1968. Over the next couple of years I bought striped oxford cloth BDs, shetland crew-necks, Baracuta G9 and sta-press Levis from both the Squire Shop and also Village Gate which opened a year or two later in Old Compton Street. In the early 1970s another Squire shop opened in the King's Road. This shop sold mainly the tight fitting two-button, three piece French-style suits, flared trousers, ultra slim-fit silk shirts and other clothing that was popular at that time.

    This is really bringing back some memories.

  4. Doctor Damage

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    Some photos of GHWB, from school and earlier political days (pre-Vice President). In the group shot, GHWB is just to the left of the clock.




  5. m@t

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    all these people look the same
  6. Horace

    Horace Senior Member

    That's the point, perhaps...

    The Bones picture is creepy...
  7. manton

    manton Arbiter CBDum

    Isn't the penalty for leaking pictures from that place, like, death? Or something?
  8. kidkim2

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    Remember the first line of Anna Karenina.
  9. Jean-Francois

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    Why do they wear their sleeves so long (not showing any shirt)? Is it intentional?

    And it seems that all of them wear uncuffed plain-front pants. Do the pants have to be uncuffed?
  10. Horace

    Horace Senior Member

    I don't remember -- it's something gruesome I think. I remember reading a book on it pub'd in the early 80's by a fellow at the Hoover Institute of all places.

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