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I have found several sport jackets on their site that I like but would not normally buy tailored clothing online. Since so much of shopping is being done online due to recent restrictions, I am more open to it. Does anybody know if the cut is similar to Brooks Brothers Regent Fit or Paul Stuart Paul fit? I just picked up 4 Paul Stuart Suits, Paul Models in size 45 R and 5 sport coats/blazers also in 45 R. I know it sounds like a lot at one time but Paul Stuart is having a great sale right now and I recently dropped another 15 pounds making a total of about 45 pounds from my high so it was a good opportunity to update the wardrobe.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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I am a 44R and tried on their 44R while in the Charleston store a while back. Seemed to me that the fit was right on the money. Cannot compare to BB Regent fit as I wear a Madison fit in suits and sport coats.
I cannot comment on Stuart as I have not tried any on.