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My bids would be:

Churchill (tricky though: he invented the siren suit which was basically a 1940s shell suit, and also wore some dodgy stuff like windcheaters with bow ties, etc)
MacMillan (the last of the gentleman Prime Ministers)
Kennedy (apart from the hats issue)
His late Majesty the King-Emperor George VI
HRH The Prince of Wales (if he counts as a leader)
HRH Prince Philip (ditto)


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"MacMillan (the last of the gentleman Prime Ministers)"

I don't think Alec Douglas-Home would be too pleased to hear that.


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Thank you for mentioning our own "Dief" as many refer to Mr. Diefenbaker.

As I look at old pictures of my father from that period, there were so many well put together men, the bulk of society was at least decently dressed.


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Russia ...

although not a world leader yet, a potential presidential candidate - deputy prime minister - Dmitry Medvedev - sharp dresser - mostly wears white shirts but nice ties and suits, sometimes links.

See for yourself at getty's.


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It is possible that my memory is failing me. I'll check my sources when I get home. If it was Nehru over Jinnah, it does show a lack of discernment on Lady Mountbatten's part. I'm speaking strictly from the standpoint of judging them as dapper gents and leaving politics aside.
It was Nehru and Lady M., not Jinnah. Jinnah by the way had more than a hundred suits from Savile Row, he was a very financially successful lawyer


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Certainly King George VI.

George Marshall always dressed in a manner befitting a statesman, I thought.

John Foster Dulles wasn't badly dressed, either.

It is no coincidence that all three I mention seem to have preferred double-breasted suits (at least when not in uniform).


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Yes. I know this thread is 14 years old but I came across it while researching AE Acheson loafers...

WSC has my vote, if only because he knew the importance of accessorizing a look. And not just with a cigar.

BTW, the Germans used this image as an anti-WSC propaganda tool...thinking that the British people would believe themselves led by a gangster, and not a great leader!