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I want to thank you Peak and Pine, UteLawyer, SG_67 & eagle2250 for sharing your wisdom. We love to thrift shop wherever we travel and now I look at the trousers section in a whole new light. I've discovered two 100% high end wool pants that fit amazingly - we washed them gently in a bucket with cold water & Kookaburra soap and then hanged them up to dry.

I haven't needed to dry clean any of my wool pants yet and what's fantastic is if and when I do, my employer has a discounted dry cleaning service.

My desire to go 100% wool for my everyday work is coming to fruition thanks to you.

With Gratitude,
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To the extent that I contributed, you’re welcome.

I’ve washed cheaper merino wool sweaters by hand more as an experiment and the results were fine. I imagine doing so with slacks would be no different, provided you took care as to how it’s done. The only challenge I see is pressing them.

I cannot say I did it frontier style, ala Peak & Pine. I put the sweaters in a mesh bag, on gentle and used a wool and cashmere specific laundry soap. I laid them flat to dry.

The wool maintained supple feel, no loss of elasticity or other signs of damage.

Good luck.