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Who makes the best money for value boat shoes?

I ask as I'm in the market for a new pair since I've had to chuck the Sperry's I've had since high school.

Is Sperry's or Sebago still any good? As I've read here and elsewhere that the quality of their product has dramatically declined since I bought my first pair.

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If you are looking for boat shoes to last a season or perhaps two, Sperry's are just fine. However, if you are looking for a boat shoe that you can expect years of service from, take a look at Quoddy Trail, Rancourt, or even AE Alden and Herring Shoes has several boat shoe offerings. Good luck in your hunt! ;)


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Also I sprang for a pair of Sperry Gold Cups. They are several years old and holding up well. They are the closest I’ve found to the legendary Sperry Kudus, beloved by all blue water sailors. The soles are not as thick as Kudus but a fair bit thicker than regular Sperrys. The leather isn’t as tough as the oiled Kudus but it’s softer and tougher than the regular Sperrys. Lastly, the deerskin lining is a nice touch of luxury. Sperry, if you read AAAC, please bring back Kudus!


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Very tough to make a value comparison because of price. I will echo TK167 that the Sperry gold cups are the most comfortable I have ever worn and I may go back to those in the coming years. Currently I am wearing a pair of Sebago’s which I got on clearance at Nordstrom rack for under $30 and they are very similar to the timberlands I wore growing up. I also have some limited experience with higher level stuff like Rancourt and Quoddy and the quality is indeed higher but the price can go north of $200. I think that if you wear them sparingly and care for them like other leather shoes you could get come value even at that price. On the other hand when I got these Sebagos a few weeks back I was thinking I could get a new pair each year at that price. As I was raised wearing these regularly with shorts, chinos and jeans I think my happy medium is to have a single nice pair like Rancourts in my closet only to be used for nice occasions and a few pair to be worn more like beaters picked up from whatever brand/style catches my eye and is available under $50 which I can use up and throw away when they start to show too much wear.


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I wear boat shoes a lot and destroy them over time—yard work, etc. my latest pair were Sebagos that I got at Nordstrom for approx $60 about 5 years ago. Before that had worn Bass. I like the two pair idea, but my experience has always been if I wear them barefoot, it cuts down on their life expectancy greatly. I wouldn’t by fancy boat shoes unless you were wearing them like casual dress shoes.

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I donated my Allen Edmonds Eastports (2 pairs) to Goodwill last year and bought Sperry gold cups. The AEs hurt my feet and the Sperrys are so comfortable.

I have a pair of Rancourt Ranger Mocs which are equally as comfortable, great quality but more $$

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I just sent a pair of Quoddy boat shoes to the factory for a second resoling/refurbishment. I have had them for at least 10 years.

If I were buying new boat shoes I'd probably get Rancourts, as they are somewhat less expensive than Quoddys -- a hundred dollars less, the last time I checked.

I wear the shoes when in the vicinity of water, on those occasions when I am in a boat, and when informal shoes are appropriate.

I hope this is helpful.