Brioni Nomentano Vs. Palatino?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by johnnyblazini, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. johnnyblazini

    johnnyblazini Super Member

    Can anyone explain the differences in the different Brioni models? I know that there are a few others than the two stated in the thread title, please feel free to also discuss those...
  2. Holdfast

    Holdfast Honors Member

    I don't have those two (unless either of the DBs I have fall under them), but have 2 SB Traiano suits.

    Both Traianos I have are 3BSB with a relatively low button stance and narrow button spacing but a medium gorge and the typical Brioni chest/shoulders. Mild/Moderate waist suppression. Trousers are double pleated and have an average/generous cut. I actually had to get the trousers slimmed down a bit, esp at the base.

    Here's a couple of pics of me in one of the Traianos:

    Also, what does Finissimo mean within the Brioni range? Is it a cut or a fabric designation? Both the DBs I have possess this designation.
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  3. ranchsooner

    ranchsooner New Member


    I tried on a Nomentano this month and loved it. The shoulders were not quite as wide as the Brioni I own. I had not planned on buying any more Brioni because of the shoulder, but I would buy this model in a heartbeat.
  4. Rollo Tomasi

    Rollo Tomasi Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    If I recall correctly, the Palatino model I tried on had a more youthful cut with flat front pants. I couldn't offer more details than that other than I felt Nomentano was more a classic and timeless Brioni cut, thus the reason I chose it. The Millenio also has a nice classic cut with a narrower lapel. I purchased this suit during NM's First Call Sale, so it may be an older cut. The vast majority of Brionis NM seems to by buying is the Nomentano.
  5. thinman

    thinman Super Member

    I hope someone can provide a definitive answer to your question, since I've been unable to find the answer. The salesmen at the Brioni store in Beverly Hills didn't even know!
  6. FAC

    FAC Starting Member

    It's been my experience that the Nomentano has more waist suppression, a slightly higher gorge, and a bit more shoulder and chest padding than the Palatano. In the Brioni store in Rome (the main one down the street from the Grand), the Nomentano is not stocked. The salesman there explained to me that the Palatano is a more generous cut which is more comfortable than the Nomentano. I find the Nomentano to be a cleaner looking silhouette.
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  7. iammatt

    iammatt Advanced Member

    That might come in handy in a long meeting where much coffee is consumed.
  8. Chris Despos

    Chris Despos Senior Member

    good catch LOL
  9. FAC

    FAC Starting Member

    So that's why Brioni gets away with charging so much. It all makes sense now...
  10. Holdfast

    Holdfast Honors Member

    Does anyone have side/side photos of the different Brioni silhouettes?

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