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The bottom line is Brooks Brothers non-iron shirts will never shrink, no matter how long they tumble in the dryer.

I almost always opt for a must-iron shirt anyway. The cloth just has a nicer hand.

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Brooks Oxford cloth: 15.5/34 in Milano/Extra Slim fit
Brooks pinpoint: 15/35 in Milano/Extra Slim fit

i hang dry both and haven't really experienced shrinkage, but I have no idea why the Oxford fits differently. Both are the best fitting shirts I own though.

also, fwiw, I can't wear Brooks alpha sized shirts- the small is too short in the sleeves, the medium fits too big in the body (and fits awkwardly enough that tailoring would be too expensive).

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I'm annoyed at myself for not following SG_67's model, but I can't blame Brooks Bros.' quality control for this. No one would expect jeans not to shrink in the dryer. I'm wearing a 17-34 white OCBD right now, and I don't think I want to button this one up all the way.
The problem of course is when we strictly adhere to the tagged laundering instructions and still the shirt shrinks and no longer fits right

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I have a few MTM shirts that I hang-dry and iron myself, but my work schedule usually forces me to send my shirts out.

For that reason, I don't care how my shirts fit the day I buy them; it's only important that they fit properly after they've been sent out a few times.

I've bought enough Brooks shirts over the years to know what size I need to buy for that, so that's what I buy.


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BB heavier gauge oxford cloth does not shrink; at least I haven't noticed any shrinkage. Their pinpoint fabric does not shrink either. I have a few of their newer made in the USA unlined shirts. The cloth is noticeably thinner and less substantial than previous shirts so I wonder if this fabric will shrink over time.


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My new thin BB OCBDs do shrink a little bit. I mostly noticed because I moved the cuff buttons on a few shirts to fit more snugly around my wrists. After a few wash-dry cycles they are too tight and I need to move them back. I can still button them—so the shrinkage isn’t extreme. They are just too tight for comfort.


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Note: I don't have any of BB latest OCBDs, with a different fabric, which may not act the same.

I've been wearing the classic ones since the 80s. They've always shrunk, dryer or not. I buy them half a size big to compensate, and that works. I hang to dry so they last longer, but may throw a new one in the dryer to shrink it a bit. I buy other BB shirts true to size.

Lands End and LL Bean ones have always fit true to size, without shrinking too small. They seem to have figured out how much bigger to make them, and/or use very prewashed/preshrunk fabric, which doesn't last as long!