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As strange as that may sound, people have been telling me that the best option would be to look for a school outfitter... I looked at Billings and Edmonds but i'm not quite certain that's a good idea. The suit should fit me quite well which none of those that i currently own does (I have a lot of pain in my shoulders, this is why i always have a sort of bump near the neck area when i wear a blazer or coat... I had to get a Blazer worked on several times by RL before it looked appropriate and it still isn't perfect, there's always this one thing i am desperate! Ah i wish i could afford a made to measure suit!), it should be classic and conservative looking. I am quite small at 60 kg and 1m73. I want something that lasts, that doesn't have a gram of artificial fabrics in it and doesn't make me sweat like a horse. Quite hard to find, no? Well, i would prefer getting something now, but otherwise if i wait until say September i will be able to afford something for £500-600 more or less. Thanks for your advice i appreciate it!


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Marks & Spencers or get yourself to Bicester Village, suits starting from under £100 (if you do not have a car, get the train from Marylebone Station).

If you choose the latter, worth while calling a few of the stores to find out if they have your size - Pal Zileri, Hackett, Hugo Boss, Gieves & Hawkes, Ralph Lauren and there are the designer options like McQueen and D&G (if you like the style).

I did the same and the stores were helpful, I picked up a Pal Zileri sports jacket for £213. They had a quite a few options, especially in light weight 100% wool cloth.

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Gieves & Hawkes and Ralph Lauren would be just right if i could afford it! I remember my girlfriend buying a £1000 Blazer from them for me! :cry: I'll look into the other stores which you have mentioned, with the exeption of Marks & Spencer, they don't do my size and all their suits (At least the ones i have seen) are made with 20% of man made fabrics.


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Most seem to start at around £250, but still nice option! Thanks. Have you ever ordered something from them? Are they good?
I have had four suits from them, each with two pairs of trousers. Because the customer supplies the measurements one must use a tailor for a few alterations to improve fit and then fine tune with each successive purchase. The three season is perfectly fine for day-on-day wear but much better made and lots cheaper than I can get in these parts. There are a few tips one should know with Baronboutique so if you are interested, let me know. The service is superb and they will happily send swatches.


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Slaters should be able to meet your requirements, though not sure how close any of them are to you.
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