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I can't think of a piece of clothing more odious than cargo shorts, but it doesn't make much sense to view --and I hesitate to use this word in this context-- fashion in such functionalist terms. I don't suppose you wear your brogues in the boglands, do you? No more than you wear grenades on your trenchcoat's d-rings, I'd think. ;)
If we don't view cargo shorts in functionalist terms, it gets even worse. Are plus-fours covered with bellowed pockets that no one uses the sartorial successor to jackets with dozens of non-functioning zippers?


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I wear Cargo pants when I go fishing, I would go with many other options before being seen in cargo shorts for any other occasion.


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Though I wouldn't wear cargo pants or shorts for an evening out, I do find them handy for working in the garden, running errands to the nursery or hardware store on the weekends, or hiking. I've also found them useful for large, outdoor daytime events (like 5ks) that I'm volunteering for. Practical and utilitarian...not fashion. Big different, IMO.


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Cargo Shorts

Guilty as charged. I do wear them as they are quite functional on occasion. I spend some time shooting sporting clays when home. Houston being quite hot and muggy, my dress is a golf style shirt (with the embroidered gun club emblem), cargo shorts, and ankle high laced boots, and a wide brimmed Cuenca made Panama hat. Around my waist is my shell pouch.

The pockets on the shorts hold sunscreen, a micro cloth to clean my shooting glasses, extra earplugs, a handkerchief, and usually a few specialty shells (spreader loads usually), and a small brass rod to knock out stuck shells. So you see, the shorts are quite functional.

The dress is event specific, which is the way I usually dress. I wear a dinner jacket to opening night at the opera, I wear cargo shorts when shooting sporting clays. I do not wear cargo shorts to church services or dinner and like wise, I don't wear morning dress while riding my motorcycle!

I guess I am funny that way........


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Move over cargo shorts....

Apparently, the new "in" thing for the casual male:

Much more common in Europe than in Texas...don't know about the rest of the US...I finally broke down a purchased a pair...mine have cargo pockets as well...


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What type of trousers are traditionally used for safari wear? Is it cargo trousers or combat trousers or something else?

Ive got a safari looking shirt you see and im not sure what or where to buy the trousers to suit my shirt which is sandy colour.


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While I see the uses for cargo shorts, I prefer chino shorts.


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I just came back from a department store and bought two pairs of cargo shorts, I felt I needed more shorts for when the hot summer approaches and they're slim relaxed too so they're not so tight.
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