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Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by romo88, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. romo88

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    Where do you go for cashmere sweaters? I am looking to pick up a few and would love to hear your favorite spots.
  2. Andy

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    If your asking about local stores, I'll leave that for those Members near you.

    You should review the Selected Merchants and Reviews pages linked in the upper left of this page.

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    Many of the merchants give discounts for AskAndy Members.
  3. Penang Lawyer

    Penang Lawyer Senior Member

    To me a good cashmere sweater should be knitted in Scotland. It seems that the Scotish looms knit the fabric tighter than other manufacturers. Over the years I have purchased them from the following,Brooks Brothers, Paul Stuart and my SR tailor. I always buy at least a two ply. Friends of mine have purchased them from Ralph Lauren. Recently I asked a friend who does a lot of knitting what she would charge to make a cashmere sweater and she said that it would be about $500. Ben Silver has some great ones. Hope this helps.
  4. jwa_jwa_jwa

    jwa_jwa_jwa Senior Member

    I'm in agreement that the sweater should be 2-ply at a minimum. I've got one from BB, Land's End and another one from Macy's. Of course Brooks Brothers 3-ply would be ideal for me but at $250 each, it's a bit steep. If you get them on sale however, they are a very good value.
  5. TheWGP

    TheWGP Senior Member

    You might do well trolling Ebay or other websites for Ballantyne or Alan Paines - there's some nice stuff out there, new old stock in some cases, that is Scottish cashmere done the old school way. I have one of those BB 3-ply sweaters, and my Alan Paine cable-knit puts it to shame, absolutely to shame.
  6. dorji

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    Land's end makes what I feel is a perfectly serviceable mountain-goat sweater in crew, v-neck, and v-neck vest. From approximately $90 to $150.

    Last month, un-announced, they had a 40% off all cashmere around thanksgiving (day after????). Not sure if that will happen again anytime soon though. IMO it's worth looking out for. Good luck in your search!
  7. The Rambler

    The Rambler Honors Member

    I completely agree with Penang Lawyer (that's a club, isnt it?) and WGP. Scottish cashmeres are quite expensive, but well worth it if you've got some dough to spend. Otherwise troll ebay for Alan Paine, Ballantyne, Pringle, Johnston of Elgin, Drumohr, Hawick and a few others that don't come to mind at present, and you will usually find some beauts for under 50 bucks that put the commodity type ones in the catalogues to shame.
  8. ajo

    ajo Super Member

    I have a couple of Johnston of Elgin, 2ply a Hawick but my favourite brand would have to be William Lockie, I bought a 4ply off them for the past winter, highly recommended.

    But avoid Italian made in China, not worth the money from my experience.
  9. tlocke

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    I recently acquired a very nice cashmere crew neck by Drumohr (woven in Scotland) at Virtual Clothes Horse for under $200. More are available in limited sizes and colors. Note the fit is very trim.
  10. TheWGP

    TheWGP Senior Member

    I was wondering about those "new" Drumohrs Lance was selling - how are they? Thick, how many ply, all that jazz? Stand up to the stuff of old?

    Rambler: You taught me a new brand or two, thanks! ;)

    Oh, and while there's cashmere-knowledgeable folks here, has anyone seen this label?
    Reads Gillian Hunter Cashmere, Made in Scotland. That's the only label left on the sweater at all, but it's 4-ply, huge MOP buttons on it, weighs a ton - so I've held on to it even though I wasn't sure what it was. It's definitely men's - the buttons are on the wearer's right side - but I haven't been able to find ANYTHING else about this company / designer / maker anywhere online, which seems pretty strange since it's so nice. Oh, and the red mark on the tag is a red S which looks to have been marker of some sort - probably sample/sale/second/something like that. Any ideas anyone has about it would be awesome. Just to clarify, I think I've been able to slightly stretch it just a tad via handwashing to where it's comfortable, not tight, on me, so I'll be keeping it - don't worry, this isn't showing up on the 'bay or anything! ;)


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