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Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by medhat, May 19, 2019.

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    FYI (I think the sale is still going on), I just received two shirts ($29 each USD) from their business casual non-iron collection, and very pleasantly surprised (not really, I did expect them to be good). A great deal at the the price (it actually took me some sleuthing to find where I saw the promotion - it was Instagram).

    Fabric is really great; I've always appreciated that CT has a larger selection of colors and fabric textures than does BB. Fit in the extra-slim I find very comparable to BB extra-slim, essentially interchangeable for me.

    I was surprised at how very easy it was to steam out the packing wrinkles of the non-iron shirt, something I expect will come in handy in the future. Only part I didn't accommodate for was the absence of a chest pocket. It's a much cleaner look, but I'm kinda a pocket guy. I'll get used to it.

    But overall, if anyone's looking for business casual (I'd feel very comfortable wearing the textured white shirt in a "regular" business setting) shirting this is a solid deal.
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    I agree that Charles Tyrwhitt shirts are a great value.

    Nicholas Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler is standing to my right at the last London AskAndy event.

    And unlike other Members, I really like the non-iron feature.

    Plus I firmly believe that no dress shirt should ever have a pocket!

    They do not however have a sleeve gauntlet button, which I think is a requirement, but Nick does not and we've had several discussions about it!:)
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    CT used to have gauntlet buttons (I have the shirts to prove it), but BB has long been buttonless on their gauntlets, so I suppose CT is in good company. But yes, nice shirts, regardless of price point, but even better when on sale!

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