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"So when will there be a big AAAC get together somewhere OTHER than New York?"

...A refrain heard often around this board over the past two years.

October 28th, 2006 is your answer!

Chris Despos and I have been chatting for some time about having an AAAC get-together in the Windy City and October 28th works nicely. In attendance will be:
  • Andy & the lovely Mrs. Gilchrist
  • M.A, Mathew who is just opening up shop in Chicago for his bespoke shirt business.
  • Alex Di Pietropaolo "a tailor" has agreed to give up a day of his retirement to join us and share his wealth of knowledge.
  • Chris Despos of course since we'll be getting together at his studio.
  • Jill and her decidedly lesser half
  • A few other guests perhaps who we'll let you know about when we know if scheduling can be worked out.
The above crew is gathering for the taping of a television show on luxury menswear and it will be a nice opportunity to promote the forum while we're at it. Afterward we thought it would be fun to invite the entire AAAC gang over for a Saturday afternoon of mingling and discussion of things sartorial.

  1. Where: Chris Despos' studio: 34 East Oak Street, 3rd Floor Chicago
  2. When: Saturday, 10/28/2006 2PM-TBD
  3. What: Meet your friends, get a chance to ask questions, see new ideas, fabrics etcetera
  4. Who: Ask Andy members, friends & guests
  5. Dress: My camera will be present, allow peer pressure and your conscience to guide you.
We'll keep you updated as the date approaches. Meanwhile we wanted to let folks know early so that they can plan to be in Chicago that weekend. This will be a relaxed and informal gathering, we'll ask for RSVP's at a later date so we can plan some refreshments and the like. If one of our Chicagoans would like to plan a dinner out somewhere drop me a note as that might be fun.

UPDATE: Forum members are invited to visit the world famous workshop of Oxxford Clothes. Oxxford has graciously agreed to give us a tour! This will be on FRIDAY, 10/27/06 from 8:00-10:00 AM.

Chuck Franke

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Ragdoll - check email again. Had some issues with the list manager and just sent it through my regular email. Will start updating the main stickied thread in the fashion forum.