Constantly have to pull up (belted) jeans

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by toplel, May 22, 2019.

  1. toplel

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    Jeans / sport coat are standard in my office.

    Normally I pull it off very well but I've noticed a problem lately. Due to a touch of middle aged spread pushing my belt down, I find my jeans ride too low now & I have to constantly pull them up.

    Any recommendations (other than lose the extra lbs which I'm already trying)? Should I give low rise a try?

    I'm 6' 197lbs muscular build if that matters.
  2. SG_67

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    Time to buy new pants.
  3. Flanderian

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    There comes a time in most men's lives when khakis replace jeans! :icon_cheers:
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  4. mikel

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  5. richard warren

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    This is a common affliction for which higher rise pants is probably the answer, with suspenders being optimal.

    Good look finding the higher rise jeans. Levi’s shrink to fit can come close, but are inconsistent. Wranglers have higher rise but look like Wranglers.

    After I good deal of looking around I actually discovered a chain called Dillard’s actually sells well made khakis or chinos or whatever you want to call them under the Cremieux brand that actually rise high enough to be worn comfortably with a belt and stay up.
  6. Howard

    Howard Connoisseur

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    or time to buy a new belt.
  7. eagle2250

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    Wear a pair of leather braces to hold up your jeans...dump the belt. :teacha:
  8. Dhaller

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    I'm just going ignore etiquette and pass along advice my cardiologist gave me: when your body starts asking you for a more generous wardrobe, *don't listen*.

    Just suffer the indignities of pooled pants-legs until you get that spread under control.

    Once you accommodate "middle aged spread" - which is hardly the inevitability it's made out to be - there's no going back!

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  9. WA

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    On YouTube there are claimed custom/bespoke jeans makers. For a pretty penny you can always try them and report back.
  10. Howard

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    Once you start getting a big belly then it's either time for a new pair of pants or a belt.

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