Did Obama Just Change the White-Tie Dress Code Permanently?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by TheCormac, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. TheCormac

    TheCormac Starting Member

    I think we may have just seen a permanent change in Men's dress codes. At this evening's Inaugural Balls, President Obama upstaged his wife by daringly wearing a white-tie with his dinner jacket.

    Inaugural Balls are typically white-tie and Obama's decision to wear a tuxedo (a bad one, sadly) instead was reported as a signal of frugality in the economic crisis. But then he wore a white-tie with it!

    This may be a situation like the creation of the dinner jacket by the Edward VII (while Prince of Wales) or the adoption of the soft collar and authorization of midnight blue by his son the Duke of Windsor (when he, in turn, was Prince of Wales). In each case - as in most changes to the male dress code through the years - they used their status at the very apex of the social pyramid as license to change the rules. I wonder if we have not just seem the same thing from the new phenomenon/President - the final banishing of the tailcoat and the adoption of the dinner jacket for white-tie.
  2. DougNZ

    DougNZ Advanced Member

    New Zealand
    Hawkes Bay
    My late grandfather said that white tie with a dinner jacket was for the staff. With all of the implications of Obama being president, that's kinda ironic, huh?
  3. ksinc

    ksinc Connoisseur

    United States
    In a word, "no."
  4. LaoHu

    LaoHu Senior Member

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    Ouch! Now I wonder what the thought process was.....
  5. Griff

    Griff Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    I'm hoping that he doesn't change white tie - at least not in the way he dressed today. I just don't think a Notch lapel dinner jacket and a white bow tie screams "appropriate for the most formal events"

    Then again, black tie is becoming a lost art. A recent survey of the neighborhood tuxedo shop yielded a sea of too many buttons and notch lapels. This seems to be a common trend in many areas.

    So... You may just be right. It would be a sad day, though. Just the newest casualty along the slow decline into a casual culture.
  6. Steve_C

    Steve_C Starting Member

    The difference is that traditional dinner clothes are quite attractive, whereas President Obama's clothes tonight were, in my opinion, not. Vice President Biden, on the other hand, looked quite sharp, judging by the short glimpse I saw on television.
  7. ksinc

    ksinc Connoisseur

    United States
    He might be the biggest example of just how badly Americans dress on the whole. But the dress code itself lives on ...
  8. Preu Pummel

    Preu Pummel Super Member

    A glittering jewel of colossal ignorance, as one man says.
    Obama shines brightly tonight for all to see.
  9. Blueboy1938

    Blueboy1938 Advanced Member

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    West Hollywood

    And just what "implications" do you find so "ironic," eh?

    Moderator, please!
  10. brokencycle

    brokencycle Advanced Member

    No he didn't.

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