Does any restaurant near you have an ENFORCED Dress Code?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Robert Collier, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. Mr. B. Scott Robinson

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    I usually wear a jacket to dinner no matter if there is not a code. Where else does one keep their wallet, sunglasses, pen, handkerchief and phone?

    I don’t remember if EMP has a dress code. I don’t think it does. But one would feel a bit underdressed there without a coat and tie. Most of the men were wearing suits when I dined there.


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  2. The Irishman

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    About the only places I go where there is a dress code are some (not all) Michelin starred restaurants.

    In the UK and Ireland these days it seems to me that such codes are often not about requiring things like a jacket, or neck tie, but rather about excluding sportswear such as t-shirts and tracksuits.

    For example, Le Gavroche has a 'smart' dress code that stipulates exactly the above ("Le Gavroche operates a smart dress code, jackets and ties are optional and we do not permit any t-shirts or sportswear").
  3. Kyle76

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    I wish my club still required jackets, if not tie and jacket, at dinner. It's recommended, but not required, and the nature of things these days that to keep a full membership standards have to be relaxed.
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  4. Fading Fast

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    As a fan of old movies and books, it is amazing how powerful a force cultural norms can be - people, overall, just dressed nicer in previous decades based on the accepted norms, not an enforced code.

    I'm sure there were exceptions, but - for example - you'll regularly read a passage in a book or see a scene in a movie from the '20s - '50s where a woman or man will say they have to dress before they head out to dinner (and she or he will already be in nicer clothes than most wear today, but they weren't nice enough or appropriate for dinner in that era).

    Other examples include a man putting on a tie and sport coat to leave the house just to go for a walk on a Sunday afternoon or a woman unwilling to go have drinks (despite being very nicely attired) because she didn't bring her "cocktail" dress. Once you start noticing it, you'll be amazed at how often it comes up (just like 90% of the movies from the '30s - '40s have a train scene in them - it's how most of America got from point A to point B of any real distance back then).

    Rules can only go so far (see Andy's post) and create negative feelings in some. What was lost was not a change in rules, but a change in culture - the rule changes (or elimination of the rules) simply followed to keep up.
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  5. eagle2250

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    Frankly I have yet to encounter a restaurant with an enforced dress code, since relocating to central Florida and frankly, that's frequently not a bad thing! ;)
  6. Flanderian

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    Loaner jacket -

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  7. derum

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    Certainly no jeans to be seen, and everyone wearing a jacket in my favourite little corner of Knightsbridge.
    (Kinnerton/Lowndes area).
  8. Clintotron

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    I burst out in laughter when I got to the part about the chef taking a picture with you. Hahahaha

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  9. Howard

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    So, would this include places like Burger King and/or McDonalds too?
  10. paxonus

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    The issue I see with dress codes is that they are even needed to begin with. Perhaps I am delusional, but it seems there was a time when there were accepted cultural norms of what constituted appropriate attire in given situations. For example, the phrase "Sunday best" didn't just come out of nowhere.

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