Does any restaurant near you have an ENFORCED Dress Code?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Robert Collier, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. Flanderian

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    C'mon, Howard! You know that one; just ask yourself, what would Ronald do?

  2. Howard

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    He has to dress in red and yellow cause that's the color of the outside building.
  3. eagle2250

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    but, but where-oh-where does he get those shoes with the 'ping pong paddle' shaped toe boxes? Now that's a design I have yet to add to the shoe shelves! LOL. ;)
  4. Flanderian

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    Well then, that tells you everything you need to know, doesn't it!

    Weren't you at Pitti Uomo?
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  5. Howard

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    perhaps maybe the company gave it to him?
  6. Acct2000

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    The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan still has a coat and tie dress code.
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  7. JLibourel

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    There are no restaurants that I know of in my area that have such a code. If there were, I'd give them my enthusiastic patronage.

    I have remarked before that if I wanted to eat in proximity to slobby, ill-attired people, I would just as soon dine at Denny's. I would get a decent meal and be out only $12 or so. I can recall stopping at a Denny's to grab a hasty meal on my way home from work, and it so happened that every male customer in there was wearing coat, tie and pocket square...because I was the only male customer in the restaurant!
  8. SG_67

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    Restaurants and other establishments are in a bit of a bind.

    Take SoCal or Silicon Valley. A guy walks in wearing vans, sweatpants and a hoodie may just be a billionaire. Are you going to turn him away?

    I think much depends on geography. The above example vs. NYC May yield different results. But even there, there’s a lot of latitude. High end restaurants cater to a specific clientele. People with that kind of money will wear whatever they damn well please. I’ve been in 2 and 3 Star restaurants and have seen people in jeans and sneakers. I’m speaking domestically and can’t speak to how things are in Europe or elsewhere.

    I hate to say this, but getting all dressed up to go out t dinner (jacket, tie, etc.) is pretty old school and practiced by a younger generation, somewhat bourgeois.

    But that’s just my opinion.
  9. Mr. B. Scott Robinson

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    I go to Pineapple and Pearls in DC and drop about $1500 on dinner and drinks. I wear a coat and tie because that is how I roll. The chefs and staff have gone out of their way to prepare a singular meal for me and my family and I show my respect for their skills by making an effort to put myself together for the experience.

    I care not what course others may take, but as for me, give me a tie and jacket when I spend the equivalent of a months rent on a meal.


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  10. MNJ83

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    Yes, very true, but since we are in a precipitous slippery slope, where can the line be drawn? A business is in business to make money first and foremost......but San Francisco barely passed a ban on public nudity just 5 or 6 years ago, on a vote of 6/5 council members. I am quite confident that will change pretty soon and people will will be allowed to roam around exposed like animals- that is not far fetched. If Zuckenberg wants to go around naked should he still be given service because he’s Zuckerberg? —- IDK the answer myself, but I do know that as a restaurant owner I would love to be known as the guy who turned some uber rich billionaire guy because he was dressed like a child, just like everybody else....... Well, as long as my food credentials where up to par. If you want people to get dressed up to come eat mediocre food then that is on the restaurant owner.

    They will and do —that has always been the case. But it’s simply because we as a society today enable and tolerate that from them. It seems to me, that because of universal standards,
    A DuPont, Astor or Vanderbilt would have been turned away from a reputable establishment not so long ago if he would have shown up dressed in inappropriate attire. I don’t know/understand what special card being rich or a celebrity buys you today that enables total disregard for all civilization. Also not every wealthy or middle upper class person that frequents those types of establishments is a billionaire that wants to spend life dressed in teenage attire at all times.

    That may be the case, but someone has to. I should probably put my money where my mouth is and start dressing better to nicer restaurants myself, as I normally find myself in jeans and a sports coat for fear of standing out, but it really is a shame that there are virtually zero places where you can experience what was commonly possible in the 80’s. My only experience with that has been watching old movies from that period of time.
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