Double Breasted Notch Lapel "Wall Street" Suit

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Terpoxon, Aug 4, 2008.

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    I hope this hasn't been covered before, but I was just watching the movie "Wall Street" and I noticed something. Toward the end when Charlie Sheen's character is arrested, he appears to be wearing a notch lapel double breasted suit. You don't really get a clear view of it, but in some shots you can clearly see the extra buttons.

    I've always been under the assumption that double breasted suits have peak lapels. Is this type of suit common, or was it common in the 1980s?

    I tried to find a picture of it, but I couldn't.
    Here is the clip from Youtube:

    Just curious.
  2. Jovan

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    I think it had some popularity in the '80s, and in the '60s as well.
  3. dfloyd

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    I don't remember seeing one....

    in the 60s, but I had two in the 80s. They were made by Perry Ellis, and I still have one, a charcoal glen plaid. I never wear it because it's an abomination. The coats were long and it looks like a zoot suit. The material is nice, and the suit is still wearable, but I only keep it around to remind myself that I too make mistakes.
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    It was popular for DB blazers in Britain in the 70s/early 80s. (I know, because I had one - oh the follies of youth...)
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    It's interesting to know. Michael Douglas's character has gotten so much attention for the way that he is dressed in the movie. Comparatively Sheen's character is horribly dressed for most of the movie. In many of the scenes he has he tie undone and he just never looks as suave as Douglas's Gordon Gekko. In the middle of the movie, when Sheen's character is most under the influence of Gekko, he does overtly attempt to mimic his style. I wonder if this suit is meant to be a final comment on the character.
  6. Holdfast

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    There are a fair few DB notch lapels in 80s movies. Esp. for rather flashy characters.

    As well as the one noted in here, Eddie Murphy wears one in 48hrs (and Another 48hrs) and Michael J Fox wears one in The Secret of My Success.
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    I vaguely remember them too. Find them unappealing. Think I recall a story that when Terence Stamp showed up for the shooting he intended to wear his own bespoke for his character, but they thought it unspectacular and had Flusser costume him instead.
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  9. rocco

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    IMHO they are different rather than to be dismissed out of hand. It's just another type of lapel.
  10. yachtie

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    +1 Not as bad as some here decry, peaks look better though.

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