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I thrifted a pair of Vineyard Vines pants(trousers) this afternoon. Size 40xU, in quite possibly the most obnoxious nautical print. The problem? I am a size 32..

Does anyone have any experience with drastic size alterations?
Is this something an experienced tailor would be able to handle?

It would have to be 8 waist sizes and some off the girth of the legs as well.

I'm posting the question on here before I bring them to my tailor. He is rather curt.


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What you have is the raw material for bespoke GTHs. After approx. 3"" in the waist, everything is going to be thrown off kilter


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If you decide you don't want to undertake the tailoring, I'm a 38 inch waist... :cool2:


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This is a monumental undertaking, if it can even be done. Even in that scenario, there's no way it could be a prudent investment, no matter how awesome the trousers may be. I have no idea how losing that much of the trousers could be accommodated without taking them completely out of balance. I daresay it cannot. I have some experience with taking in trousers. I was right on the border between "possible though not ideal" and "not worth it." I lost a considerable amount of weight about a year ago (~35-40 lbs) and had to get a bunch of 36-waisted trousers, which I'd been busting out of frankly, that needed to come down to size 34. This is about the limit you can do. Fabric can be removed from the inside of the legs and the seat, but when you start taking too much out, the balance of everything will screwy (pockets/belt loops out of proportion, for example). I was actually lucky because I've always had a bigger butt and thighs, so I didn't a hell of a lot taken out of there, while my stomach, chest, and waist shrank considerably. In your circumstances, this is just too much. I mean, what you're describing would take major surgery - removing the waistband and completely taking everything apart and re-cutting it then sewing it to your own body. This isn't a tweak that any tailor will do for $30-40, which I'm sure is what you were hoping for. You're talking about a multi-hour project, which seems like a silly investment or virtually anything, let alone a pair of thrifted trousers you want to wear partying. I'd throw them up on ebay and recover what you can and then keep on the lookout for a pair that fits you, or is maybe a size 34. Beyond that, it's too much of a project. Patience is virtue.


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VV trousers are not all that special. Nor are they that hard to find. Considering the costs to be incurred to re-cut and sew the pair in question, to fit the OP, why not just go out and buy a pair that fits you to begin with? I keep getting this nagging sense that we are being played gentlemen! :icon_scratch:


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I had a bespoke pair of jeans that didn't fit at all.

I sent them for alteration - twice, the second time I had to pay...

They ended up in the rubbish bin.

I would be very careful with anything that needs the slightest alteration.