Dry Clean Only? Hope Not...

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by jts287, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. jts287

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    Purchased two pairs of CK slacks deeply discounted on Amazon a month ago- "Infinite stretch". They're pretty ok: wrinkle free, fit nicely. Unbeknownst to me when I purchased, they're dry clean only (one pair's 100% poly, the other is nylon with 8% elastane).

    Is there a safe-ish way to clean them at home?
  2. eagle2250

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    Any time we ignore the manufacturer's care instructions, we should expect potentially negative results, but it can be done....successfully. My wife seems to be able to perform such magic in the laundry, using Dreft or Woolite on a gentle/hand wash cycle. Good luck with this quest! ;)
  3. Shaver

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    My Cordings jimmy-jams state 'dry clean only' on the label. As if!

    It is mere legal expedience.
  4. Slim Jim

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    Obey the tag! That is all.
  5. Dhaller

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    I can hardly count the number of times I've returned something to the rack because the label advises "dry clean only". What a hassle!

    There's something in desperate need of an "app", or "the gig economy", or something - dry cleaning. I should be able to do this online, like a company sends me a box, I put the garment in the box, and somehow it finds its way to a dry cleaner and back again. Amazon? Are you listening? I would certainly subscribe to such a service.

    But until then, follow the recommended instructions (I have a pair of formerly very fine yellow linen Incotex trousers, advising "dry clean only". But it's linen, right? - into the wash! Well, they were good for one wearing, at least! Quicker ways to lose $400, in all fairness.)

  6. Adelstensfostre

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    It's frankly hard to see why 100% Polyester or Nylon + Elastane can't be washed at home on a cold and gentle cycle. If my Uniqlo AIRism boxer briefs can survive it, ultra thin as they are.....

    However, if things go badly there will be no recourse. Which of course is exactly the reason behind the "Dry Clean Only" label.
  7. Andy

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    You can buy Dry Clean kits for home use at your grocery store. However, more and more manufactures are putting "Dry Clean Only" on their garments, even washable, to prevent any liability for home cleaning errors and returns.

    I've successfully washed lots of "Dry Clean Only" garments!
  8. Doctor Damage

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    ^ and ^^ basically avoid heat and you should be okay
  9. jts287

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    Ok boys, into the cold water delicate cycle they go! Will report back after the air drying.

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