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What ever happened to Eagle Shirtmakers (made in USA)? I can't find them anywhere. Did they go out of business?


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The shirts were made in Allentown, PA. They've been touring without Don Felder for several years. Now Eagles shirts are made in Bwhakganga and turn up at Marshalls/Maxx @ $20 a pop.


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stuman said:
What ever happened to Eagle Shirtmakers (made in USA)? I can't find them anywhere. Did they go out of business?
Have purchased about a half dozen Eagles in the past few months from the "best" Macy's here in Cincinnati.

While they're not considered the "high-end" of what Macy's locally has to most local Department Store competitors like Dillards and Parisian, that "honor" is held for RLBL, HSM, and the occasional Abboud.....they'd be among the better shirts on their shelves, and at least a couple cuts above their house brands.

Typical white and blue pointed-collar broadcloths/pinpoints with barrel cuffs carry an MSRP of about $60, and sell in the middle $30's during the very common Macy's promotion. I think the OCBD's are comparable. I've purchased several.....usually with french cuffs.....on clearance for anywhere from $18-$28. Marshall's pulled out of Cincinnati some time ago, but I've not checked availability at TJM (probably because I literally can't stand walking in those particular stores).

Without going into my closet and looking, my recollection is that all were made in China.
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I picked up a button down eagle shirt from marshalls not too long ago. decent pattern and fit, ok stitching. says made in Mongolia on the label.


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I see a lot of Eagle non-iron shirts in Stein Mart. Last time I was in Macy's, which was at least 6 months ago, there were some nice looking Eagle ties. They were $30 or so, not a bad deal.


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I've also bought a few Eagle Shirtmakers shirts before and I found that the sleeves were not the size I was use to. In other shirts I wear a 34/35 but this size in the eagle shirt was too short. I ended up giving the shirts to a friend who they fit perfect. There is a guy on ebay that sells the eagle shirts. I did find them to be a decent quality shirt for the price though.


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I used to love Sero shirts too. They had a perfect roll on their button downs.


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I have an Eagle white pinpoint button down, purchased about a year ago at Filenes. The fabric is nice, not too shiny or treated-looking for a non-iron, and the collar roll is great.