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I find it best to try to adjust my limits so as to be somewhat congruent with the parameters of the real world. To try to change the world is a fairly ambitious project which would be extremely time consuming and the efforts of the people who have tried to do it in the past have usually been disastrous.


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You missed my point R W, if your post is directed to me.

Brooks was in the real world 6 months ago- before it stopped selling Alden shoes. The nice underwear I mention disappeared about a year ago.

Bad form to quote oneself, but " They seemed to be trying to do good things while adjusting the store to current tastes". I am not referring to the store before it was sold the first time, to Marks and Spencer. I am referring to the store of 18 months ago.
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Suffice it to say that BB is quite different from the BB of yore, a store that made immense contributions to a certain look. I’m glad some can still find things they like there, but BB is not the single stop for exactly what we want that it once was. Other stores I shopped back in the seventies like Nordstrom have made pretty much the same changes.

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Yes. BB bashing has been a right of manhood here. I have recently bought a couple of sweaters, two pairs of Clark chinos , three polo shirts and a six pack of boxers.

I buy mostly at an outlet but always 1818.