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Hi, I've found several similar threads, but I'm not sure any answer my particular question. For background, I am a 42L with a 33 inch waist, but with fairly thick legs and butt that have required me to buy pants with 34-35 inch waists (to give me enough room in the legs and seat) and then have them taken in. In short, I have a lot of suit separates and I hate "slim fit" pants. The consensus seems to be that 2 inches is about the most one would want to reduce a pant's waistline before throwing off the drape and merging the back pockets, but does this still hold for a person with a larger rear? I can visualize that the " V " taken out of the back seam might not extend as far down the pant for someone with a larger butt as it might for someone with a smaller one, but would this be enough to permit me to remove a third inch from the waistline (and allow me to buy suits off the rack)? Thanks for the help!


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You could take in just the waist, although you 'd be a perfect candidate for MTM since you could then just order you jacket size and then a slack cut that would accommodate the legs. If you really had to buy off the rack then you should go for a suit that isn't slim fit, like the Hickey Freeman Addison or maybe a Canali and then just tailor down the jacket and waist of the pant.

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Yes, it can be done if the seat fits well already. The problem I find is that sometimes the tailor takes in the waistband on an angle, so when you use a belt it ends up looking really sloppy, so watch out for that. The best solution for a small waist and large seat is to cut the trouser with two darts on each side rather than one.