Adriel Rowley

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When 27 and a half had a growth spurt and combined with getting physical therapy, most of my shirts no longer fit though the back and sleeves too short.

Tonight, trying to find a shirt to wear for tomorrow, got fed up with them being in the way overpowering the previous sentimental.

A lot of them being expensive gifts (costing around $100) from now deceased Grandmother, didn't get worn as often, bet some only a few times. What a shame. :( Being in good condition, are they worth a few dollars? Bet not.

Now for Summer, left with one white and two light blue dress shirts that are okay fit, two JC Penny plaid polyesters (from High School when 42/44 chest), one tattersall (marginal fit), one Western embroidered (can only be worn with jeans), two Western plaid, three paisley, and one long sleeve polo. Closet looks so empty now. Sure going to be interesting Summer figuring out how to pair these with sport coats and blazers.

Thank y'all in advance! :)
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