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Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by rhz, Jul 9, 2018.

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    I have a narrow, low volume foot (9.5B) together with skinny ankles (9" circumference just above ankle bone) and calves (12" circumference at a height of 12" from the floor).

    I have had limited success in finding mid-calf socks which don't fall down and/or bunch up inside my shoes due to excess material. Also, the fabric intended to cover the bottom of my heel can ride up the back of my heel when I put on the sock. I imagine that the latter problem could be dealt with by finding sized socks.

    Has anyone with a similar problem managed to find reasonably priced socks which actually stay up throughout the day?

    Thank you.
  2. Mr. B. Scott Robinson

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    Gold Toe.


  3. derum

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    I use Marks and Spencers Cotton socks.
  4. Troones

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    Sounds like you could use sock garters. I've been looking for a pair myself. I have the opposite problem though. I have rugby player calves, which cause mid length socks to be forced down my leg. So I wear only knee length socks which solves the problem for me. If you can find sock garters you can wear any sock you want.
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    I offer a second on the Gold Toe recommendation. There are none better in their price range, in my book.
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    @rhz while I don't have any specific mid-calf socks recommendations, based on personal experience with them, I figured I jump here in the discussion with some ideas.

    If you have never tried mid-calf light compression socks, you may want to consider testing them out. The light compression may be enough to help keep them up.

    TruForm is a good quality compression sock, that comes in various colors, and multiple lengths, including mid-calf. They also have various sizes.

    Alternatively, you may want to try and find mid-calf socks that have a small silicone bead on the inside perimeter of the sock opening.

    The silicone bead provides a gripping / anti-slip facility around the calf.

    If you're curious if a silicone gripper would work, you can always experiment at home yourself by purchasing some clear silicone, and testing on some socks.

    Separately, and like you, I very often run into the same issue with the heal of the sock not properly lining up with my foot's heel.

    The only solution I have found is to purchase socks that come in sizes, and based on shoe size.
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    I have long thin calves, too, and, for dress socks, you can't beat the sized Brooks Brothers ones.

    I prefer the over-the-calf ones, but both fit well and stay up even on my bird-bone-like calves. Being sized, you can also get the heal to hit where it should on your foot:



    For more casual socks, I've had pretty good luck with SmartWool and Wigwam socks. Good luck.

    Oh, on the BB ones, wait for a sale, as they regular do 25% off or buy 2 get the 3rd at some discount, etc.
  8. memphislawyer

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    Regarding the heel, I sometimes have that problem and some socks now have a separately colored heel area. Which means that during the day, the color of the heel peeks out above the back of my shoe. Or if not this, then sometimes the heel area is worn way thin.
  9. momsdoc

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    Along with Nanoprotector, Don’t leave home without it.


    One bottle last 1/2 year with daily use. Not sticking, pulling feeling. No staining or discolorization. Washes off with a damp wash cloth, and leaves no residue on socks after washing. Your socks will never fall down again. No matter what. OK don’t expect it to keep working if you jump in the pool.
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    @momsdoc that's awesome.

    I was actually going to recommend the exact same product, but totally forgot to add it to my response.

    Good stuff!

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