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First-time poster, so be candid, but gentle, good reader. And thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

My usual suiting preference is Brooks Brothers (Madison 1818), but the options at my current size are limiting. I thought I'd take a flyer on Oliver Wicks. Looking for advice on direction to provide on alterations on their first attempt. I am not an expert, but the jacket and sleeves both strike me as too long. The armholes don't seem right and there is a noticeable gap in the chest.



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I don't have an issue with the jacket length at all; would definitely NOT go shorter. I would think about shortening the sleeves, they're too long to realistically show some shirt cuff. Also, I like the pants length, I think that's near perfect (very slight break, which I think is ideal for you). Not familiar with Oliver Wicks, but the suit fits you well.

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It fits quite well. The sleeves need to be shortened approximately 2.5 inches, which can be done to this jacket as long as you didn't get working buttons on the cuffs. They can't be shortened from the shoulder that much. The shoulders should be a bit wider to better balance your body.
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