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I emailed Florsheim and a kind gentleman told me how to date Florsheim shoes.

Example of Inside marking; 81/2 D 614745 11 93602 IE.

IE portion shows the month and the year of manufacture.

" That code was applied at a factory of which we no longer use to produce
the the code is no longer in use. Also, with that being said, it
was during a limited time that we produced the shoes at that factory.
However, the rule in place with that code was that the first letter (in this
case the "I") referred to the month it was produced. "A" would equal
January, so your "I" equals September. The second letter in that code equals the
year....."A" would be 0, and your "E" would be "5". Knowing that we only
used that factory during the late 70's and most of the 80's, we were able to
pinpoint it to 1985.

Again, that is when the leathers were produced, and before they were
completed and left the factory to be shipped here. When they were purchased is
not verifiable by us."


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Thanks for sharing this great information. I was able to date 3 of my longwings as a result: two to the early 80's, one to the late 70's. In each instance I thought the shoes were older. Interesting that Florsheim was still making truly top quality shell longwings well into the 80's.
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