Gabardine vs. non-gabardine wool trousers

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  1. AndTun1

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    1) What is the difference between gabardine & non-gabardine wool trousers?

    2) What are the pros & cons of each type?

    3) Which do you favor?
  2. Will

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    Gabardine is a tight wool (or cotton once in a while) twill weave that's best for Spring and Fall. It's usually woven in 10-12 ounce weights that are warm in the summer and not warm enough in winter.
  3. jcusey

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    Gabardine is a good choice for solid-color trousers because the diagonal ribbing gives some surface interest to the cloth.
  4. Shirtmaven

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    Gabardine will start to shine after a while.
  5. marlinspike

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    Shine after time has past or after it has been dry cleaned several times? In my experience, they only start to shine after someone irons them using too high a heat or repeatedly irons them using a heat that is high but considered acceptable.
  6. smr

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    I've never noticed a shine on my older wool garbardine trousers. When this occurs, is it subtle?
  7. a tailor

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    yes gab is a tightly woven that has been used for topcoats as well for many years. gabardine is a tough hard wearing cloth cousin to whipcord and cavalry twill. the matting and compressing of the yarns causes shine.
    the yarns are so tightly woven together that they will shine long long before they will show signs of wear. those areas are usually elbows, seats, and areas of pressure and abrasion. sometimes a cleaners pressing machine adjusted for too much pressure may cause shine.
    gab being tightly woven will not allow body heat to escape like a tropical will.
    so its not a good choice for summer wear.
    yet being so tightly woven, it does not have the bulk [fluffy thickness] to be a good insulator. although it is a good wind blocker.
  8. silverporsche

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    gabardine vs non-gabardine wool

    Is there anyway to get rid of the shine on a pair of wool gabardine trousers ?
    The trousers are a part of a dark blue Ralph Laruen suit , the jacket and other sections are fine ?
  9. Teacher

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    Someone once told me that rubbing that area with a (clean!) toothbrush will "brush out" the shine. I frankly don't think I could bring myself to trying this on a nice gab for fear that I would more add wear than take away the shine.
  10. Teacher

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    Some people got...the shiiine.


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