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Does anyone remember the Georgetown University Shop? I purchased a black/white herringbone overcoat from them as well as several oxford cloth shirts in the early 1980s when I was a college student. I believe the Georgetown store closed first, followed later by the closing of the Chevy Chase store.

I also remember the Powers & Goode Men's store in College Park, MD. That store survived the 1970s era only to close at the start of the Reagan era.


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Gt Univ Shop

The Georgetown University Shop was great. It was owned by Tom Saltz who originially owned Lewis and Thomas Saltz's shop in downtown DC. With Tom's aging and wish to get out of the business the store went under. I am not sure if he sold it before it closed.

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I remember it well. Did not know the Saltz connection. Morbid trivia -- RFK was wearing a Georgetown Univ. Shop suit the day he was assassinated.
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Salz sold the store to a family named Smoot (if I remember correctly). Smoot was formerly with Woodward and Lathrop, the DC department store. As a department store merchant, Smoot didn't have a real sense of the GU Shop customer, didn't really know "trad" (to retro-fit this term). This was one of the long list of problems that led to the demise of the store (I could go on and on about the others). Smoot was my boss in those last years of the shop.

There was also a fellow named Stever Barrabas who I believe owned the shop before Salz. This, of course, would have been in the golden age...

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I remember it well. Did not know the Saltz connection. Morbid trivia -- RFK was wearing a Georgetown Univ. Shop suit the day he was assassinated.
I've posted several times about my fond memories of the GU Shop as well as Powers & Goode (where I bought my first "real, grownup" suit in the late 1970s).

As I've mentioned in those posts, the 1980s TV miniseries about RFK with Brad Davis contains a scene shot inside the original 36th Street, NW, location of the GU Shop (Bobby and Ethel are discussing something while he tries on clothes):

The building is still there and now houses, IIRC, offices used by the University for the alumni association or something.

I still have wooden hangers and a few small items from the GU Shop. Got quite a few nice suits there by Corbin, Oritsky of Reading, H. Freeman, and Hartz-Oakloom, and I loved the Troy Guild shirts.

Arthur A. Adler was another fine old DC men's store that is no more. Wm. Fox & Co. carries on the tradition as a kind of lonely torchbearer (Fox, on G near 15th, carries wonderful top-quality stuff, BTW, and visitors to DC should not miss it).


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Wow! I forgot about Arthur Adler and the Lewis and Thomas Saltz store.

I donated my GU shop overcoat to a charity last winter. Although I had it for more than 20 years, it looked and felt new. With dress casual being the norm at my company, I had no use for it. But I sure do miss that overcoat, especially since that was my last connection to the GU shop.


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I find this thread most enlightening, my father was in the mensware business in Washington DC from the 50's to the 70s. He had owned a mensware store in England prior to World War 2 and after the war immegrated to the US he developed a high end client bas that followed him from location to location during his career including RFK & Richard Nixon, he probably sold RFK the suit mentioned above. He worked for Farensworth Reed, Lewis & Thomas Saltz, Sidney West, Rogers Pete, Pritchard's (where a young Craig Fox began) Georgetown University Shop (for both Steve Barabas, Then Tom Saltz) and finaly went to Brooks Brothers when they came to Washington. Thanks for the memories!