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Greetings, @Scottish Leanne. First of all, welcome to the forums. Second, you are to be commended for getting your daughter to wear a jacket in the first place. I, like you, am the father of an 8 year old daughter. Like me, she shuns any thoughts of outerwear. When I was her age, I was seemingly impervious to cold temperatures. We had moved from Hawaii to Alabama (imagine that culture shock). It was my first experience with semi-cold temperatures. I refused to even wear a shirt with long sleeves.
Unfortunately, my daughter inherited that part of my DNA. She is so skinny that you would think the cold would affect her. But, alas, all of our best efforts have been in vain. Plus, on the rare occasion that we get her to wear a jacket, you can be assured that it is removed as soon as us crusty parents are out of sight.
We were in Pennsylvania over Christmas. It rarely ventured above -15 degrees Celsius the entire tire we were there. Still, when you see the family photos, she is easy to spot. While everyone is bundled up, she is happily prancing around in a t-shirt. We surrendered... My advice, be appreciative that she wears the jacket. Don't major in the minors. If she prefers it unzipped, let it go. It's not worth the struggle. :)
I was just going to ask how you manage to get her to zip up but I think you answered that lol.