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    No, I have never owned a Grenfell garment. However, a former co-worker of mine had a Grenfell rain coat. It worked well for him in the rain, it was classically styled, and when I inspected it, I was impressed by the workmanship and density of the fabric. It felt as if I was holding quality. I tried it on and it was very comfortable.

    One if these days I'm going to buy the Grenfell that has the zip-out liner. I'll pay full retail and never look back.

    As I said earlier, if one can find a cheaper rain coat that fits the bill, great.
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    Unless you spend a fairly considerable sum of money, every single raincoat on the market is made of at LEAST 35% polyester - which is not acceptable to me.

    I agree that Grenfell is the way to go these days. I have five raincoats and the one I always wear is my 1990 CDN. made all cotton Aqua 5 Aquascutum, bought new by me in 1990 in Vancouver. (Yes, it still fits because clothes were cut LARGE in 1990.) These raincoats were $495.00 in Vancouver in 1990 and tax was 14% (7% PST and 7% GST) for a total of $564.30. Worth every penny.
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    Aquascutum Aqua 5. They were a great raincoat. I also bought one around 1990 and, of the 6 raincoats I own, it's remains my favorite double breasted raincoat. Much prefer it over Burberry. My favorite raincoat, which I use mainly for walking the dog, is an Australian Outback duster.

    I would suggest the OP try looking at a few thrift stores in his area. Trench/Rain coats are pretty common, usually lightly used, pretty cheap, and generally are better quality than the coats of today. London Fog coats are pretty common and are excellent jackets.
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    Totally agree with my fellow CDN. member above. I will also add that Aquascutum was a family business in 1990. I think you can count the family businesses in men's attire these days on the fingers of 2 hands. Sad.

    Also agree with the Thrift shop comments. Lots of good stuff there. Interestingly, I picked up a British made double faced wool great coat (visions of Brideshead - the original version) here in SF about 6 years ago. It had the orginal label in it from the English Shop, which had locations in Vancouver and Calgary back in the day. My father bought my brother and I our first English made navy flannel blazers at the Vancouver location in about 1967. Nice days, nice memories.
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    After a lot of scrimping and saving I bought the Grenfell 'Windsor' trench in Grenfell cloth last year. I can honestly say it's one of the best things I've ever spent that much money on. The quality is outstanding. My tailor was deeply impressed when he saw it too.

    The material is brilliant - tight, windproof and waterproof. The quality of finish is excellent. Seams, buttons, belt loops, everything is really, really well put together. The zip-out warmer is warm and equally beautiful. The lining is sleek and flawlessly finished. I just love it.

    I wore it on the some of the coldest and dampest days towards the end of last (southern) winter here in Sydney. On my commute into the central city, on the train, and while walking the concrete canyons to my office, people all around in modern jackets were obviously cold and hurrying as quick as they could. I was toasty and dry and happy to enjoy the fresh air. Those mornings were about 8 degrees C / 45 degrees F (about as cold as a day ever gets here) with a stiff wind and a bracing dampness.

    My understanding is that their products are equivalent to what Burberry and Aquascutum used to make before they were both turned into 'fashion' brands in the last fifteen years, with resulting decline in actual garment quality while their prices were raised into the 'fashion' stratosphere.

    If you don't mind or actually like classic style I thoroughly recommend the Grenfell products based on my experience. If I were a wealthier man I'd happily buy one of their simpler raincoats as well, to expand the wardrobe.
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    Stuart, nice post. Well said and well written.

    To the OP, I suggest he also take a look at the Magee 1866 navy trenchcoat. It's 100% cotton, with a lining and a classic look. My only issue is it is too short for me - the 44R and 46R measure only 37" from the top of the collar to the hem. But, a nice look nonetheless.

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